President Trump vs. Social Work Code of Ethics
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President Trump vs. Social Work Code of Ethics

As a Social worker "You're Fired"

President Trump vs. Social Work Code of Ethics

As a future social worker I take pride in knowing and understand the values and ethics that are implemented in this profession. I also like to practice them in my everyday life, because I really love what they stand for. In my recent social work course, the topic of President Trump as come up frequently, commonly asking us to evaluate his practice on social work standards. Which has created many questions for me as well as my classmates. Now yes I do understand his position as president, does not make hime a social worker. However it did make me wonder two things. First, why is it that a small job like social work is upheld to these high standards and ethics of practice, but our highest most honorable job does not seem to be. Second, how well does President Trump actually hold up to social works standards and ethics; service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence.

Value: Service

As a social worker the goal of service is to help discover social problems and help those in need. As President, you should also be doing these things, so this value does match up. However, is Trump fully matching this value? If you ask a conservative, they will of course say yes, and if you ask a liberal, they will say no. I feel as president though, you should just be helping things that your only your party favors, or helps those like you. You should be helping the nation, and working to do whats best for everyone. Everyone like minorities, the LGBTQ community, women, veterans, maybe even refugees. Which is where Trump lacks in his service value, because if he was truly implanting service, these communities would feel helped, not threatened.

Value: Social Justice

Here social workers fight and challenge social injustice. Also a value that the president should address. This is about fighting issues on poverty, discrimination, oppressions. typically things that Trump doesn't see in his tax bracket. These are issues Trump doesn't seem to do so with. Which could be the reason that, he has been in office a month and there have been how may protest and marches for justice? People are unhappy, I see this, but it doesn't seem like Trump does, either that or he doesn't care.

Value: Dignity and Worth of the Person

For social workers we work towards the respect of our clients, emphasizing their dignity and worth. Something the President should do, with the nation and the worlds. Yet during his campaign, there were many remarks of him mocking other individuals, and insulting many. He made it seem as if individuals had no worth to him, and that everyone was underneath him. He acted like a bully we see in middle school, who pick on other kids, to make him self look better. He showed that he had to respect for the people.

Value: Importance of Human Relationships

Social workers recognize that there is an importance of human relationships, and so should the president. Relationships among people, make everything in the world run smother. Partners are part of the helping process, which can promote and maintain the well beings of others, groups and communities. Now I'm not saying that everyone has to like Trump, or even agree with him, because that will never happen. But his attitude should reflect that he wishes to create relationships, not that he doesn't care about other people. Like the refugees for example, his is showing no mercy to them, because of what, their religion? Their nationality? Where they come from? Now put yourself in the place of one of those refugees, who are trying to get away from the violence and protect themselves and their families. Would you still agree with Trump if you were on their side of the equation?

Value: Integrity

Social workers must always act trustworthy, so should the president. Yes this seems like a harder task for our politician, who love to lie to get votes. We can't say that Trump lied to us. He did say their would be a wall. He did make it clear how he felt about minorities. He did show us his stance on the refugees. He has done most thing that his campaign said it would. However he did say that Mexico, was paying for the wall so he isn't all that trustworthy. So I will give Trump this one, he did show us that he is a jerk, we just ignored it.

Value: Competence

Last but not least Competence, social workers must constantly improve and develop their professional expertise. Also something that once again the president should do. So yes this could be described as surrounding yourself with experts on subjects you no nothing about. Or hiring other to do jobs you don't understand. This could also be looking at why people don't agree with you, and what you could do to see things from their perspective. You know be a little more empathetic to those different from you.

So President Trump, I must say it is a good thing that society does not hold you to these standards. It is also a good thing you are not a practicing social worker. Because you would be terrible at it, and you would be fired.

Please everyone, take the time to review the social work code of ethics

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