Presents You Do Not Want To Find Under The Tree
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Presents You Do Not Want To Find Under The Tree

There are some things you should not gift.

Presents You Do Not Want To Find Under The Tree

Sometimes we want to be creative with our gifts and this causes us to get a little "wild." It is best to play it safe and not get people gifts they will hate this holiday season. Because remember: what goes around comes around.

1) A box of raisin cookies in a package that says chocolate chip cookies. That is just a cruel cruel gift. With one bite into the cookie, your life will be over.

A moon rock. Not going to lie this is pretty creative, but no one wants to only receive a tiny "moon rock."

3) A name necklace with your name misspelled. Mark or Cark? That is just rude. If you do not know how to spell my name correctly, then you lose the right of getting gifts for me. Oh also, name necklaces are non-refundable so you have to keep them. HORRIBLE.

4) A tiny sample bottle of perfume that smells nasty. Do not gift perfume. It's that simple. Every person likes a different smell and the fragrance you enjoy does not mean your friend enjoys. Also it says "SAMPLE" on the tiny samples, so save the embarrassment.

5) Granny Panties. Not really sure why anyone would think gifting granny panties is okay? Just get your girl a gift card to Victoria Secret because a pair of sexy undies is about thirty to fifty dollars.

6) Or even worse... camel toe undies. I have no words for this. All I can say is that these undies sure look uncomfortable and I am sure no women in your life would want a pair.

7) An avocado. I do not think anyone could be this happy with an avocado gift. You actually have to slice this avocado to make toast or guacamole. The better gift would have been a bowl of chips and guacamole.

8) A fanny pack that looks like a stomach. Now come on, this just looks creepy. I will give it credit that it is creative, but it looks a bit too realistic to the point where it seems like you literally unzipped your stomach.

9) A candy cane shaped vibrator. This is definitely something you do not want to unwrap in front of your younger siblings or parents. Oh the horror.

10) An opened bottle of wine. Someone actually have my dad a present like that. The bottle was opened and a fourth of it was gone. How hard is it to go to the store and buy a twelve dollar bottle of wine, instead of ruining your image and giving someone an opened bottle?

11) Getting someone a sweater that is triple their size. Funny, but this also happened to my dad. I find this to be beyond disrespectful. It shows you are making fun of the person's weight one way or another. If you want to gift a sweater, then ask someone who is close to the person what size the individual actually wears. Or include an gift receipt.

12) A weird pencil shaper. This just looks wrong and I am sure no one wants to display this at their desk at work.

These gifts will be a topic for discussion and might even cause a few laughs here and there, but it is best to avoid them. These gifts might cause you relationships, friendships, and your family members abandoning you.

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