It's about a month until class starts, and I know that date is looming ominously in the not-too-distant future for many of us. While college life itself is generally fun and exciting, it seems to me that each year is completely different from the last. As a rising junior, I know my school and I think I know what to expect, but the anxiety that comes from over thinking and over planning a semester is practically unavoidable. So, as some of us grow more and more nervous at the thought of returning to school, I thought to ask myself what the best way to prepare might be? Here's what I came up with.

1. Get organized.

It sucks, I know. But getting school necessities ready or deciding which clothes you're taking with you and which you're leaving behind can make the overall transition back to school much easier. Spend your last month calmly prepping instead of cramming it all in the day before.

2. Have a "staycation."

If you're like me, then the last month of summer is relatively boring and most of my traveling and exploring has already come and gone. Without those fun but relaxing respites, the fall semester can seem even more terrifying. My remedy to this is to manufacture the perfect "staycation," that is, to enjoy all the perks of a vacation without leaving the comfort of your own home (and to also avoid spending too much money). It can be alone or with family or friends, but take a weekend off and enjoy reading all day or watching movies. Think back to summers before college and take advantage of a weekend of freedom to simply do whatever. Or nothing at all.

3. Stay calm.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I think about dealing with school and my brain just turns to mush. I mean really, it just sort of stops working. It's easy to want to panic, but you've got to try your best to stay calm and let yourself enjoy the last few weeks. Panicking does nothing but make the end of summer more excruciating and to hinder your preparing for the fall.

4. Think positive.

I'm taking 17 hours this fall. I'll have a job, a paid internship, I'll be in charge of sorority recruitment, writing Odyssey articles weekly, and I'm the president of a club. Whew. It's a lot, and thinking about it makes my palms sweaty. Part of me feels like it's impossible to handle everything I want to take on and giving up sounds appealing. Part of me wants to hate it before it's even begun, but I know I've got to be optimistic. I have to just believe it'll be good and then, hopefully, it actually will be.

Get ready, friends. The fall semester approaches and you can handle it.