Your Prep Guide For Spring Break
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Your Prep Guide For Spring Break

Be PREPared for #SB2015.

Your Prep Guide For Spring Break

Whether the prep that is mentioned in the title refers to preparation or srat, both are necessary when it comes to Spring Break. In order to be completely ready for the craziest week of the semester you must prepare yourself in several ways (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc?) There is also a lot of PREP gear (let's admit it's a fun time to show off your letters) that should be stocked up on, and will definitely be put to good use during the week!

So let's go over the srat (PREP) first, sense it is one of the best (and my personal favorite) parts:

Snapbacks: They are a win-win you protect your face from the sun, and have swag while doing it.

Koozies: It's a must to stay 'hydrated' throughout the week, and there's no better way to hydrate than with cute koozies that you can switch up.

SB Tanks: Because when else is it acceptable to wear obnoxiously bright tank tops with letters that can be seen for miles?

Fanny Pack: Thank god they are a 'thing' during spring break season, because they are actually super convenient!

Cooler (if your feeling extra fancy): Throw together a cute cooler for you and your friends; it can turn into a fun craft and it'll keep your 'sodas' cold.

We can't forget about the other preparations that are needed for Spring Break:

General Prep: Make sure that you have all of your plans lined up, because even though I love spontaneity Spring Break is not the time for it- hotels will be booked!

Body Prep: After the long winter months, we have to wear our bikinis again. We all know that this means our 'spring break bod' should be on point. A couple of weeks before the big break try to make time in your schedule for the gym, and eat healthier than you normally would (kinda a no-brainer, but must be addressed in a Spring Break article.)

Mental Prep: Spring Break is known for being a week where people tend to go a little 'harder' than they normally would. Mentally prepare yourself so you can handle other peoples craziness, and hopefully not get too crazy yourself- You do want to remember the fun week after all!

School Prep: Make sure you've got all your 'ducks in a row' before you go on break, so that you can truly enjoy a relaxing week that is completely school and worry-free.

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