I cannot even explain how much passion I have for this topic. Growing up, my parents have always taught me to tip my waitress' well. Whether they were the best or the worst, it was always the right thing to tip your waitress. However, when I go out without my parents, I have noticed a trend that I cannot help but notice. Let me say one thing: If you treat your customer badly because you think they're gonna leave a bad tip, you're going to get a bad tip. It's as simple as that!

When I went home during spring break, my friends and I went to a restaurant that my parents and I visit quite frequently. They are usually very nice, but when I arrived with my friends, they were very rude. There was no "hello, how are you doing" and not even a smile. I get that someone can have a bad day, but she seemed to have been treating other tables a lot differently. So why is it that teenagers are treating so poorly?

I get the fact that some teenagers do not know how to tip because their parents may not have taught them, or they do not get the whole purpose of a tip? But either way, there should not be a preconceived belief that my friends and I are going to tip poorly, because you don't know us! Not to mention that I am 20-years-old, so I do understand how to tip, although I can be seen as a high schooler because of my petite appearance. But if you choose to treat your customer poorly because you think they're going to leave a bad tip, chances are they will because you weren't that kind to them!

It's a vicious cycle that will probably never end! While I thought I would be out of this cycle by the time I was in college, I am still treated poorly when I go to restaurants with my friends versus my parents. Will this ever end? I feel like the only solution to this is for the waitress' to be polite and kind to anyone, no matter their age. So listen up, I'm not gonna tip poorly, so stop treating me like a stereotype.

Bottom line, if you treat me like I'm going to leave a bad tip, then you'll get one.