Why You Should Talk Politics At The Christmas Dinner Table
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Politics and Activism

Why You Should Talk Politics At The Christmas Dinner Table

Let's put down the steak knives and have some open-minded discussion, shall we?


I know going home for the holidays from college is weird. You feel like a guest in your house because you can't find anything, you live out of a suitcase in your childhood bedroom, and you are constantly being asked about school, career plans, and your dating life (not that it's anyone's business).

While tiptoeing around eggshells and trying to remain as invisible as possible when you're stuffing your face with mashed potatoes in the corner is tempting, discussing current events with family members can provide you with a new insight that you can't get away at college.

Most likely, you don't have the same political views as all of your extended family. Now, we all have some radical uncle that likes to get drunk and scream about some "revolution" that is about to happen (just me? okay cool), but I'm guessing the majority just have differing opinions. Let me stress now that different views are important and keep our political system balanced. Learning from your relatives first-hand can teach you why some people have certain views and how they have formed their opinions, which can broaden your understanding of people across the spectrum of right-to-left.

These discussions are essential in the current political climate, where a particularly polarized 2016 presidential election left a huge divide in citizens. I see so many people every day "unfriending" and shutting out opposing political views. Everyone tries to avoid talking politics during any social events and it is leaving a gaping hole in our understanding of one another. And to be frank, there's not much left to talk about that isn't political. Heck, even our girl T. Swift is getting bureaucratic these days. We need to be able to set aside our differences and have a civilized discussion because America was founded on a diversity of views.

You CAN remain politically correct and talk politics, believe me. As a member of the "offended" generation, I promise that being uncomfortable for a few minutes is worth the discussion. Relatives will explain themselves, their background of formulating their stance on an issue, and question your opinion on certain topics. They might question your reasoning as well, which is GREAT (trust me on this one). When someone questions you, it makes you question yourself, and dive deeper into your way of thinking and what lead you to this conclusion. Maybe they have found fault in your reasoning, or maybe this will let you speculate and further support your stance on an issue. This will allow you to expand your understanding of issues and form a more well-rounded opinion.

Feeling uncomfortable is vital for personal growth, so as daunting as it may be, voicing your opinion and hearing out your relatives will grow your understanding of each other. And isn't that what the most wonderful time of the year is all about? Thought so.

So pour some spiked eggnog and bring on the donkeys, elephants, and any other [political] party animal this year. It's about to get interesting.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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