Have we not grown up yet, America? The most powerful country in the world and yet we still fight amongst ourselves. How are we not a country united but a country so divided we hate, frustration and lack of responsibility or accountability. An election where it should be historic for the crowning achievement of progressiveness in America is yet clouded by racist and sexiest remarks from a candidate that could possibly lead this nation. How? Why is another minority murdered in broad daylight or in front of his own sister trying to get some help? Why did it take an African American to lead this nation towards the future; when racists and people stuck in their own way don’t agree? Why is it when you put your hands up you got shot at?

Black Lives Matter. The question and subject shouldn’t be why it matters it should be how we got here. Cause and effect, this civil issue is not only the leading hot topic in our country but it is THE one.

It is all about accountability. Police should be held accountable for their actions just the same as someone who is held accountable for the crime they committed. A police officer killing an unarmed civilian no matter the race should be held responsible and not be on paid administrative leave. According to the Washington Post total of 738 people have been shot and killed by police officers just his year. Out of all of them how many do you think actually get punished?

The officer who shot Terrance Crutcher, 40, Tulsa shooting, was charged with first-degree manslaughter. This is not only surprising but a stepping stone towards progression. In 2015 the number was zero when it came to officers charged with killing an unarmed civilian. Not unusual, since 2005, there have only been 13 officers convicted of manslaughter in fatal on-duty shootings.

Let that digest real quick, we had everything that happened in Ferguson, Mo. From the protests in honor of Michael Brown and how quickly they got violent and hostile. We had Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin. All these are high profile cases that if the police were held accountable, would we have gotten the events that occurred during the summer in Dallas? Would we have gotten the protests that occurred in Charlotte a couple weeks ago?

The startling thing is this all makes national news or at least gets national attention. Officers see the news and media, do they not think about what is going on? How hard it is on the families and friends especially if the shooting is in a nearby state or city. Why must we continue to have acts of hate towards African Americans? Who have had the harshest lives in America since the beginning of this country, from slavery to racism to being shot at by people who are supposed to protect our country?

The fact that it is 2016 and we are in the fourth quarter of the year and we only have one officer charged for an on-duty shooting, when 738 cases can be made on why there should be more. Is a step towards the right direction but we need more. How should people feel safe when they aren’t? its justified when an African American doesn’t want to contact the police because they are afraid.

Not all cops are bad. But to put this back in the cause and effect situation, we would not have the Black Lives Matter movement if police were just held accountable. All lives matter but you have to see people cannot be silenced any more. This injustice needs a voice, Black Lives Matter .