You have probably seen many of the "Pokémon Go" memes such as the one below, joking the new game will put you in great shape. All jokes aside, if you follow this customizable workout based on your collection of Pokémon, you really can get into great shape.

With your eggs in the incubators, hop on the treadmill or get outside for some interval runs to hatch those eggs.

Warm up with a jog for two minutes.

Sprint for 30 seconds to a minute.

Jog for a minute.

Sprint for 30 seconds to a minure.

Jog for a minute.

Keep repeating this cycle until you have hatched your egg(s).

Now organize your Pokémon by name so that you can see how many of each you have (I will base this off of mine) to create your circuit.

1. Using your largest amount of Pokémon (mine is 19 Eevees), you will do that many push-ups. So I would start my circuit with 19 push ups.

2. Your second largest amount will determine the number of burpees to complete. (For me, this is 15 Pidgeys). Perform one-legged burpees for an added challenge.

3. The third largest will determine your number of tricep dips. (For me this is 12 Paras).

4. The fourth largest will determine your number of squats. (For me this is 10 Weedles).

5. Finally your fifth largest will determine your number of crunches. (For me this is nine Rattatas).

This completes your circuit. You will work your way down from points one to five four times with a one minute break in between circuits. As you progress in the game and catch more Pokémon, this workout will get increasingly difficult, which is a great way to build your stamina.

If you are looking for an extra challenge, you can include your top seven or 10 largest Pokémon and do other exercises such as jumping jacks, lunges, other ab exercises or mountain climbers.

You can also add weights to your exercises or you can double the number of Pokémon to increase the intensity!