Poetry on Odyssey: Main Focus
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Poetry on Odyssey: Main Focus

How main focus can change over time

Poetry on Odyssey: Main Focus

I heal one’s heart, but not my own

I give a boost, but break my bones

I speak kind words, but with my heart

I put pieces together, but I’m broken apart

I share my time, an hour or more

I give my heart, deep to the core

I sense some despair, so I give aid

I give up myself; I’m no longer afraid

I love with hands, but destroy my head

I show no limits, but feel the dread

I feel the pain; I hear their need

I restore the soul, but my heart will bleed

I heal their hearts, but not my own

I feel their despair, but it’s not made known

I see the misery, break down the blockade

I give my life; I’m no longer afraid

No longer afraid, but fear still exists:

The fear within me I thought I dismissed

Who I was versus who I am

The other half is just a scam

The lonely life versus love’s full powers

The other half, my heart it devours

Keeping secrets inside versus sharing them full

The other half would take control

A happy smile versus shedding the tears

The other half my heart fears

Fire of hope versus freezing my peace

The other half, and my soul would cease

Time passing by versus life reborn

The other half, and my skin is torn

Black and gray versus break of dawn

The other half, and my life is gone

Who I was versus who I am

My other half was just a scam

A scam, not the truth

A lie since my youth

I fought to break through

The hope now made new

I strive to live my life my way;

that’s all I ever wanted day by day.

All I want is this:

Progress, not perfection

Humility, not pride

Acceptance, not rejection

Belonging, not denied

Inspiration, not popularity

Confidence, not fear

Balance, not severity

Transparent, not clear

Harmony, not chaos

Happiness, not throne

Noticed, not famous

Together, not alone


not hurt

not hate

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