Black Bird

I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free" bullshit. we are stamped and labeled as we traveled by boat. like Ziploc baggies we squeezed, vacuum sealed but didn't fit. Made in America but our shades of melanin skin say "made in Africa".

We were auctioned off as they oiled us up like muscle cars looking to see who's engine could run longer they seen bodies of steel and brains of only cotton and hollow space. You carved the 'N' on us with your whip like easy A we walk around with our scars and brown skin as a branding that we are expected to be another statistic. Low life, low income, low standards, because we are shown low love, let me rephrase that. No love.

I am a bluebird locked in America's cage lost and afraid. Men and women hunted daily for their molasses. Thick and rich filled skin as if ivory tusks upon an elephant. Theoretically, the majority wears the skin of the minority as they praise Beyoncé, braids and hoop earrings.

Wishing for a black man for the pretty hazel babies, knowing their grandaddy won't approve. Obsessed with eroticizing our lips and body as many try to obtain it. You try so hard to be us yet you despise the authentic real beauty.

Fetishized over our thick thighs, radiating vibes and big behinds. Year after years we were robbed of our respect, damn we just wanted some respect, we still do. This wasn't King's vision and sure as hell wasn't X's.

Look me in my eyes and you can see my true vision, this isn't anything new they been plotting on our story. The same thing they were afraid of they used in their favor. Our strength is untouchable both physically and mentally.

They see a monster but I see a gentle great king, a man full of power, resilience, and pride. Capable of all gods works and with a mind to match. Don't allow them to take off your crown, although it's made of thorns I see the jewels, I see your worth.

Unheard and unnoticed, we seem to disappear only leading us to ask the question: do black lives matter? They beat us down until our skin is no longer a radiant brown but a disturbed black and blue. Who will make a change and stop the pain we want love just like you.

They say we are a product of our environment but what did you expect when you forced us in a corner and gave us nothing but disrespect? Push me down and I get up swinging after a while I ran from the lab and turned into a pit, now I'm a bull running with no worries about the distress and the mess I make. 1 step forward 3 steps back it's hard to make a comeback when they won't let you make a come up.

They say "make America great again" but how are we going to do that when the suppressor still is the villain? Poverty and poetry, maybe they should go and we the underdogs should stay, you came a paved a way but we didn't forget... Isn't this our land anyways?