Poetry On Odyssey: My Forest Of Misfortune

Poetry On Odyssey: My Forest Of Misfortune

Skin goes raw, now vulnerable open for the world to see.


My Forest Of Misfortune

You killed me theoretically. Although I've been reborn, blossom in bliss from my cocoon of despair. It wasn't all shine. I had you but you didn't even have the decency to keep it real with me.

You were a black rose, beautiful and dark. Full of thorns and ways to hurt me. Each layer, a petal fell. Each piece and new disturbance of my peace. Layers I wished I never saw.

Each time you cheated you stabbed me. Repeatedly Each wound deepened in me. Please, I can't breathe while you choke me with your control. I'm beginning to become uncomfortable. I'm turning Black and blue don't you know strength and sadness is a sick mix. This hybrid makes great fear of the person you see when you look in the mirror.

Who are you? This person who's become too weak? Take a peak, face the light and your pretty little fears. This is something no one would ever be able to believe. Living up to everyone's expectations except for your own.

Resilient, independent, happy is what they see but inside a girl cries, living a life of lies. I always bounce back 10x harder and smarter than the last but that doesn't make the pain feel any different, still leaking out what seems like fire. In dire need of a break, of a change, new place.

Waiting for a sign, that this is a fresh start, that the rainy days will soon fade away, that this pain will stay at bay. In denial that this is how things will now be, constant change and heartbreak. Every day is another chance but the past always seems to linger not too far away.

I've forgotten that I'm art, so delicate, worth more than gold telling a story, no need for words. Seeing my depth, many shades of dark and bright, full of metaphors and lessons

. Life has burned me, no one warned me of how hot it would be, some quick like a pop of grease over the steaming food. Others what seems like a cigarette being put out on your arm, slow and layers deep. Skin goes raw, now vulnerable open for the world to see.

Slowly you grow your skin back, all brought to you by strength and not having defeat. I stare into the moon imagining all the possibilities, one decision changes everything completely, or is that just fate? People envy you sweetie and you can't even see it.

Searching within the betrayal for answers. Just trying to make sense of this mess. A wise woman always said "innovation is messy" and that's one hell of a true statement. Making this up in the moment, searching for the solution. I realized wanting the friendship in return I would lose myself.

Constantly consumed by deceit. Giving myself out, opening my soul to get not a damn thing in return. Like spring cleaning I got rid of dead weight, realized my worth and seen you weren't going to pay. I deserve happiness and to know there's no hate. That you truly love me for me.

Maybe I've finally gotten used to the craziness or maybe, just maybe I have found my true serenity.

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Why I Love The Film '8 Women'

A movie review


The film is set in the 1950s in a large country residence. As the family comprised of mostly women prepares for Christmas, the 'master' of the house is discovered dead in his bed, with a dagger stuck in his back. The murderer must be one of the eight women in the house at the time, and in the course of the investigations, each has a tale to tell and so many secrets to hide.

The scene opens with Suzon returning from school for Christmas break, finding her mother Gaby, her younger sister Catherine, and her wheelchair-bound grandmother Mamy in the living room, where most of the action of the film takes place. Gaby eventually tells Catherine to go wake up her father Marcel, which is when she finds that her father's been stabbed to death. Attempting to call the authorities, they find that the phone is disconnected, and soon come to the realization that the murderer is either of them As the women begin to question and prod at each other, many secrets come to light: that Louise slept with Marcel, that Chanel loves Pierrette, that Suzon is pregnant, that Suzon is not Marcel's daughter, which is just as well since she is pregnant with his child, that Gaby was about to leave with Marcel's business associate and that Mamy had poisoned her husband a long time ago. The plot concludes with Catherine revealing that Marcel is not dead and that she had plotted everything in order to show her father the truth about "his women". As she opens the door to his bedroom, he shoots himself in the head.

For a movie boasting of an all-female cast, the movie is an astonishingly anti-feminist film. Starting with the fact that all 8 female characters are built around a man, Marcel. Throughout the film, we are given the impression that one of them killed Marcel, only later to discover that he was never dead. All these women are both appealing and appalling, it is clear that they are each willing to do whatever it takes for money, love, revenge, and this is in fact what really kills Marcel. The movie is filled with songs with themes of disappointed love, loneliness, and yearning. To me, these songs seem to be each of the women's victimizing, self-justification for their appalling actions. What I find most concerning is Mamy's crime (she poisoned and killed her husband) and Suzon's confession (she is pregnant with her 'father's' child). The movie, instead of presenting these very private secrets as serious and appalling claims, turns the death of Marcel into a joke. The whole movie, to me, seems as though it is a criticization of females and their relationships with males, and yet somehow, it seems absurd for me to criticize it for this appalling view as it is supposed to be a satirical comedy.

While I do appreciate this very obvious comedy, I cannot help but find that the movie happened to be a humorous crossover between sexual decadence and violence. Though this film is veiled within the guise of being feminist, it somehow manages to completely demonize each of the female characters. What stands out to me the most is the way in which each female character is so under-represented and villainized. Don't get me wrong though, this movie is worth a watch, the depth of the dialogues, the vibrancy of the characters, the songs, all come together to paint a wonderful yet slightly peculiar picture of French culture.

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How Nazis Destroyed The Early LGBTQ+ Movement

Berlin was once the center for the LGBTQ+ movement. Was.


Many people are unaware of the LGBTQ+ movement before Stonewall. Broad accusations of queer identities becoming "trendy" are often debated without an in-depth discussion of life before the nuclear family.

There is a reason for this lack of contextual factors. And it's not a happy one. Simon LeVay, neuroscience known for his work with gay men, claims that "America was not the birthplace of the gay-rights movement." Berlin was. Was.

The erasure of LGBTQ+ people, especially transgender people, has been amplified through historical revisionism and censorship throughout the years. An example? The Berlin book burning.

The Berlin book burnings occurred in May 1993, by German university students. This was the largest of the orchestrated burnings, but many occurred throughout the nation. These burnings targeted literature that did not fit within Nazi standards or had "un-German spirit." Many of these works were written and published by Jewish authors. The propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, claimed: "The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism has come to an end."

Magnus Hirschfield, a sexologist, was one of the many authors who would see the flames of censorship seize his work. Hirschfield formed the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, dedicated to the social recognition of LGBTQ+ individuals. It was the first queer advocacy group, ever.

Hirshcfield, along with Arnold Kronfeld, also ran the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, or loosely translated, Institute of Sexology. Hirschfield pioneered the term "transsexualism," and many transgender people were both clients and employees of the Institute, and presented at conferences. The Institute also provided gender-affirming surgeries -- The "Danish Girl," Lili Elbe, underwent surgery here.

In early Berlin, LGBTQ+ magazines existed. LGBTQ+ bars, bookstores, and travel guides existed. Berlin was the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ movement, and many individuals thrived despite laws against homosexuality.

But this all changed when the Nazis came into power.

On May 6, students broke into The Institute and stole the archives of the library, including 12,000+ books. Only four days later, they were destroyed in the burning.

After Nazism took full reign in Germany, life changed completely for LGBTQ+ individuals. An estimated 100,000 men were arrested for homosexuality under Nazi Germany. Up to 15,000 of these men ended up in concentration camps.

We have lost countless, irreplaceable research due to Nazism. We have lost countless, irreplaceable lives due to Nazism.

And we can't let this happen again. With the rise of the far-right, with the passage of laws targeting LGBTQ+ people under the Trump administration, we are losing the progress we've made over the past several years.

So educate yourself on LGBTQ+ history. Speak out against bigotry.

The more education we provide, the less power bigotry will have.

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