A Poem About Loving Someone Who Can't Be Loved

A Poem About Loving Someone Who Can't Be Loved

Sometimes, you fall in love with someone who doesn't want to be loved; here's a poem about that.

I once fell in love with a boy who wasn't sure of himself and didn't want to be loved by me- or by anyone. Writing is my outlet and what I want to keep posting to help those around me if they've ever been in the same situation- so here's a poem I wrote about the man who was unlovable.

The person I loved was not a human being.

He was a car crash wrapped in pretty skin and prominent bones. His mouth kissed almost as many girls as cigarettes, and his hands grasps more blades than a set of fingers. He ripped his thorax before he could even tear out his heart. Bloodied lines were crimson tally marks for each time his step-father turned into the monsters he used to read about. Exquisite wood carved between darkened and dilated pupils resembled the shadows that swallowed me entirely. He always said he loved the darkness- not because there was no light, but because it was black, just black. He loved it more than he could ever love me. The scariest part was that he loved it so much, he enveloped himself in it and he became it. Even then, he was my love, my dance partner; the one that waltzed in and out of my life repeatedly. Step here, step there; step in, step out. When he takes a step back, you never see it as a movement, you see it as a threat that he will leave. When he grasps your hand between his and pulls you close, he won't whisper alluring secrets of how much he adores you, he'll end up telling you all the ways he will break you; and he does. He breaks you into so many pieces that you find them scattered all over the places you once loved him. Where you first heard his voice, your bed sheets, where he laid with you and told you he knew you loved him, but he could never love you. Now, whenever I look at him I do not see a human being, I see someone I could've loved forever but broke me before I could even think about doing so.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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What You Realize After a Break-Up

Sometimes it takes some time away to learn the truth

Break-ups are hard. They tear you apart and you think you'll never get over the pain. But, eventually you learn how to pick yourself up off the ground, brush yourself off and walk away from it all that much stronger. Sometimes, things just take a little time to start to make sense and sometimes it takes some time to realize when something goods happens from something that seems like the end of the world as you knew it (because who isn't a little extra dramatic after a break-up?)

1. Your friends are always there

A break-up is a tragedy. And every tragedy needs a Greek Chorus. After a break-up, you realize who your true friends are by finding the people who answer when you call them, even if it's the sixth time that day. They're the ones who go out and grab a second dinner with you when you're finally done with all of your obligations for the day. They sit with you on the floor of your dorm room just talking until the sun comes up and they make sure you're constantly on the move so there's no time for you to sit and wallow in self-pity. Cherish these people, because they are the ones who are going to be there for you for the rest of your life. The face of the boy standing next to you on your wedding day will change so many times but the girls standing in a line on your other side will always remain the same.

2. Comfort food is called comfort food for a reason

You can sit there and eat a whole pint of ice cream. You can polish off a bag of Dove chocolates. If you want to eat your weight in mozzarella sticks, that's okay. Nobody can judge you for wanting to drown your sorrows in something greasy or something sickly sweet. Besides, with the expectations that girls are given when it comes to beauty, sticking it to the man by eating far more calories in one snack than you need in an entire day is the best way to say F**** you to the person that broke your heart. Stop worrying about fitting into that size 2 dress for date night and focus on nights in your pajamas with your two new men-Ben and Jerry.

3. Flirting is fun

Sure, you can flirt when you're in a relationship, but the constant back and forth with the same person gets old, tired and boring. You fall into a pattern and its like the same things over and over again. Being able to flirt and tease the guys in your life by playing hard to get but making them wonder what you're really thinking is exciting. And now there's no excuses as to why you can't head out for a night with your girls, be the belle of the ball and break some hearts.

4. He wasn't perfect

There are rose colored glasses that every girl puts on when it comes to her boyfriend, because they don't notice any of the flaws. Even the little things that annoy us are portrayed as being adorable when we're talking to our friends. It isn't until after the break-up that you realize how much it bothered you that you could never go out for certain food on dates because he didn't like it, or that him sleeping until noon was sort of a lazy move on his part. It doesn't even mean that he's some terrible guy-you just realize all of the quirks in his personality and remember that nobody is perfect.

5. You always did love him and you always will

You don't hate him. You don't harbor any grudges. You're just hurt because something that you cherished is now just a memory. But, you aren't angry at him, because being angry just halts the healing process. You loved him once and a part of you will always love him. Love doesn't mean it's forever-it just means it was real. And now that things have ended you realize that it's the best for both of you. Someday you'll both find somebody who you love even more and you'll look back on the times you shared with your ex and remember that he helped bring you to this point in your life. And when you're living your own happily ever after you'll be hoping that he turned out just as happy as you are, because that was really all you ever wanted.

Cover Image Credit: dreameo.org

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My Ex Was Like A Spider With A Web Of Very Tangled Lies

He built a web of lies and actions, and I fell right into it.

I was an innocent bug lured in by the false hopes of safety; you were like a spider. You promised me the world, and I believed you could give it to me. You lead me right into your web -- a trap you constructed with intertwining lies and actions that all lead up to my capture. I became stuck, and the harder I struggled, the more I became stuck.

I grew weak, my fighting slowed to mere widdles, and you thought you had me. You crawled from the darkness like some sort of evil monster and began to wrap me up in your lies and anger.

Black and blue and purple and yellows were the only colors I saw any more after that; they covered my skin like a sunkissed tan. From your dark corner, your doorway to the hell you created, you watched me. You watched me with those black soulless eyes as I died on the inside. No one should ever feel so helpless, so hopeless or so dead on the inside.

I thought I loved you, spider, I just thought you didn't know better and that was how you expressed your love. Bite by bite, you sucked every last piece of me away, leaving me empty. I lost myself and often wondered who I was anymore as I hung in your web. Why did I let this happen? Did you even care? I watched from my trapped perch as the world spun around me while I lay almost dead and motionless. You would crawl out and give my gifts occasionally.

As time passed, the gifts became rarer until they stopped altogether. I believe the only reason you gave me small gifts was to make yourself feel better for how you treated me. I was left hanging for dead, and I accepted that I lead myself to my own death.

Somehow a fire was lit inside of me; I began to fight back, and I was stronger than ever before. I tore right through your web of lies and fell-fell-fell to the ground. You lost me that night as I ran out into the darkness; I escaped your trap and glamor. I never once looked back to your web.

I only ran forward.

Cover Image Credit: unsplash

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