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9 Things All Mexican Food Addicts Know All Too Well

Don't come between me and my Mexican food.

In the city I grew up in, there is a Mexican restaurant just about every five miles. They are the after school hangouts and first date go-to's for most of the kids here, especially the high school girls.

I know the servers at my favorite one know my order almost every time I go in there (at least once a week). However, a lot of people apparently get tired of eating Mexican food about twice a week... but I sure don't. If you are a Mexican food addict like me, I am sure you know at least a few of these yourself.

1. Cheese dip tastes like heaven and you have to have it.

That amazing creamy white cheese dip put on a perfectly salted chip is enough to make your day better. Forget the actual food---we'd be content living off of cheese dip and chips for the rest of our lives. Our restaurant trip is not complete without an order of it and if you are lucky enough to get your favorite waiter, maybe even get a large bowl for the night.

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2. You never have to look at the menu.

We know when we decide to go what we are having and it is probably the exact same plate we order each time. I am sure the servers laugh after I order some days because there is only three things I rotate between. My burrito is always my go-to, unless I am feeling fancy.

3. Some of the servers know who you are when you walk in the door.

Either by first name or by order they know us. You are the ones that they tell to pick your own seat and already have your drink order placed by the time you sit down.

4. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend puts you on Mexican restaurant restriction on date night.

You drag them there so much, they get tired of eating there. So much so, they flat out say no when you ask to go there on date night. I mean, how does someone get tired of Mexican food to begin with though?

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5. You can hum some of the songs that come on.

We may not know what they are saying in the song, but we know the song---trust us. We are in there so much we remember them. Don't ask any questions when we start humming.

6. You "have" a parking spot.

Do not park in my parking spot that is not actually my parking spot, but is my parking spot. Got it? Just do not do it. That starts my meal bad when you take my normal spot.

7. You used to hangout there all the time after school.

It was the hangout spot. Forget the nasty school lunch--- everyone goes to eat Mexican after school. It's the cool thing to do and it started your addiction.

8. You always want to introduce new people to your favorite restaurant.

Oh, you aced that exam? Let's go eat at this amazing Mexican restaurant I love! We always want to find people to go there to eat with so we always introduce new people to it.

9. People always pick on you about your addiction.

Yes, I love Mexican food. Go ahead and tag me in all the memes on Facebook about tacos. As long as I have my Mexican food, I am fine with that.

All in all, we LOVE our Mexican food and our go-to restaurants--- so here is your warning. Don't come between me and my Mexican food.

Cover Image Credit: jenaroundtheworld

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What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Study Habits

"But first, coffee" - John 3:16


Coffee. Everyone remembers the first time they got hooked. Personally, it was my freshman year of High School during exams. I decided school had become too intense and I needed coffee to stay awake during those crazy 11 pm study sessions. Now I drink black coffee like water and need it if I want my eyes to stay open during the day.....but I wouldn't want it any other way.

1. Iced coffee with a little bit of creamer 


Congrats! You're on top of things! You have a planner that meticulously keeps track of your every move and whenever there is a group project, you do all the work and then bash the group members in that evaluation. You definitely made the President's list, even if that cost you a few a few nights out.

2. $7 Latte


You prioritize friends over school. Sometimes a movie night with the gals sounds a little more appealing than studying for that Econ final. I get it. But also sometimes the things that taste so good, will cost you in the long run. Maybe take your textbook with you next time? Baby Steps!

3. Frappuccino   


Aesthetic>academics any day. You love a fancy planner, colorful pens, and a well-crafted insta-story, but once it comes to actually cracking down and doing the damn thing, you lose interest.

4. Black Coffee


Although the world might see chaos, you get ish done. So what if you have more tabs open on your laptop than the Duggars have children? Who cares if your planner looks like a serial killer's hit list. Your desk has homework from three semesters ago, but you swear that is part of the system. You do you and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Hot Tea 


You're the self-care QUEEN. Yes, school is important and all, but so is bubble baths, face masks, and a good book. You realize that life is about balance and you are not about to sacrifice your mental health for an A on a test.

6. Water


No coffee, tea, or caffeine for you. You don't need fancy planners or organizational habits to get your stuff done. You study in the school library, not the trendy coffeeshop off campus. You're a no nonsense person who is simply on top of their game. Mad respect.

Everyone approaches school differently, just like everyone takes they coffee differently. YAY for ~individualality~

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