Ah, coffee. Hello, old friend. No matter what the day brings, morning coffee is always there. And afternoon coffee. And maybe nighttime coffee? Through thick and thin it is always there. While not everyone enjoys a good cup of joe, those who do swear by it.

Behold! Here I bestow unto you the ten commandments of coffee drinking.

1. Thou shalt not talk before coffee.

Morning time before getting your coffee fix is rough. By now, friends and family members know to keep their distance until you've brewed your first cup.

2. Thou shalt not drink decaf coffee.

Please, say no to decaffeinated coffee. If you're going to go coffee, go all out.

3. Thou shalt respect the coffee seasons.

All coffee connoisseurs know that there are, in fact, coffee seasons. Fall and winter beckon the drinking of hot coffee during the heyday of pumpkin spice flavoring. Come spring and summer, iced coffee is the go-to option for cooling down.

4. Thou shalt not ruin a good thing.

Coffee is a beautiful thing all on its own, no need to add excess sugar and cream. Try it without and see if you like the difference. It takes some getting used to, but black coffee tastes just as good (and is way healthier for you too)!

5. Thou shalt be loyal to thy coffee vendor.

Ah, the age-old competition between Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. Find your favorite location and become a loyal customer.

6. Thou shalt not have a ridiculous coffee order.

Please, don't be that person. Simple is better.

7. Thou shalt not opt for tea.

The avid coffee drinker knows that the real winner in the coffee versus tea battle is, obviously, coffee. Tea makes you sleepy and calm. Coffee makes you energized and fabulous.

8. Thou shalt not have more than two cups a day.

Coffee lovers beware: if you go over the two-cup limit symptoms may include jitteriness, excess energy and a bad crash later in the day.

9. Thou shalt not succumb to instant coffee.

Instant coffees are the bottom feeders in the coffee world, found in office break rooms and continental hotel breakfasts. To get the full coffee experience, you need the real coffee beans.

10. Thou shalt appreciate all coffee.

A true coffee connoisseur is willing to experiment with any and all blends, roasts and even cups.