A Plus Size Girl's Guide To Buying VS Pink
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A Plus Size Girl's Guide To Buying VS Pink

We can be comfy and cute in Pink, too!

A Plus Size Girl's Guide To Buying VS Pink
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VS Pink is a popular brand amongst teen girls and young women.

Their clothes are cute and loungy, and give you that vibe that you're put together but still comfy as hell. Their apparel may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I personally love the style and find that most of the female of the population on my campus is sporting something from their store.

As a plus size gal, I was discouraged to go to their website and find that they only carry sizes XS-L. My friends rave about their cute pullovers and sweatpants, but I never was able to feel the hype myself.

One day, I had enough and decided to just hop in a Pink store and try on a few of their shirts and sweaters. I was amazed at how roomy and fitting their articles of clothing were.

It's hard enough to shop as a plus size girl because a lot of stores don't carry plus sizes in store or are always out of stock. Additionally, some shirts or pants don't always fit the way we want them to. Although you may have to do some searching and trying on in Pink, I'm here to tell you that you can definitely shop there as a plus sized girl, and give you a few tips and tricks on finding the perfect items for you!

First off, I recommend going to the store and not ordering online until you know which styles work for you. Every single one of their styles is different. There are the pullovers, quarter zips, full zips, campus tees, boyfriend pants, etc. The list goes on.

Each style of clothing is unique and runs bigger or smaller. Going to the store to ensures you to get a feel for which tops, bottoms, bra and panty will work for your specific body type.

Go in with an open mind and don't get discouraged. I once grabbed a few different tops and bottoms from Pink and found myself disappointed when the full zips wouldn't zip all the way or the leggings wouldn't come over my butt. You may become impatient and it will feel tedious, but keep looking around and trying new styles and you'll find what's best for you.

The first time I found the perfect shirt for me, I was so happy and felt an instant boost of confidence. It's worth it.

Now, I'm going to share my personal favorite styles that suit my body well and most importantly, make me feel comfortable and confident. For your reference and to get a better idea of how these clothes might fit you, I usually wear a 3X in tops anywhere else, and an 18/20 in bottoms. I have big thighs and a tummy, but my chest is fairly smaller than the rest of my body.

The tops I usually go for are the campus tees, varsity quarter zips, and the boyfriend crew. These styles run pretty big, and I wear a size L. I find that they still leave a lot of room in the arms and mid-section, and don't bunch up on my stomach area, which is my biggest pet peeve.

They aren't tight on my body at all and I feel so comfortable in these styles. When it comes to their bottoms, I definitely can't fit into any of their leggings or skinny joggers. I have tried on multiple pairs and can't get them up past my thighs.

If you have leaner legs, you can definitely go for it and try them on. I just personally haven't had any luck with that.

Their campus and boyfriend sweatpants, on the other hand, are made to be super baggy and have a stretchy waistband. For girls with a bigger tummy and hips, these sweats are the way to go. They're so soft!!

Lace-up Varsity Crew

Perfect Quarter Zip

I can't really attest to any of the bras and panties at Pink, but after researching I found that many plus sized girls prefer the boyshort or hipster panty. They tend to be fuller coverage in the tummy area rather than the other styles.

Also, the styles with the thicker waistband add additional support as well. As for the bras, if you are a plus sized woman with a bigger chest, they probably won't give you any support at all. If you are a smaller chested plus sized woman, these bras will most likely fit you better.

I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to create the idea that plus size girls have to squeeze themselves into clothing just to fit into what everyone else is wearing.

If you personally don't like their clothes, that's okay. I'm writing this article for plus sized girls who like their clothes and have never even tried to step into Pink because they think it's only for thinner girls.

Although they don't advertise to us bigger women, that doesn't mean we can't wear and feel comfortable in their clothes. It doesn't hurt to try.

Happy shopping!

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