Please Don't Bring Me A Gatorade, Mom And Dad
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Please Don't Bring Me A Gatorade, Mom And Dad

I love your outpouring support, but being a helicopter parent isn't good for either of us.

Please Don't Bring Me A Gatorade, Mom And Dad


Please don't bring me a gatorade to the bench.

I am more than capable of bringing my own drink to my game. It is my responsibility. I don't need you barging onto the bench for you to ask me if I want water or gatorade. I can handle it.

Please don't check if I'm okay every time I fall down on the field.

I am okay. I am tough, you raised me right. I will survive. Please don't rush out there with a band-aid and Neosporin. I can handle my own "injuries."

Please don't watch my every move while I'm in the dugout.

Go out and sit in the stands. Actually watch and enjoy my game. I can handle myself while I'm away for a whole hour and a half.

Please don't complain about my playing time.

If I am unsatisfied with my playing time then I will do something about it. I will worker harder, play smarter, and earn it. Don't make me look weak and fight my battles for me.

Please don't embarrass me.

I know sometimes they officials can make a bad call, but my team does not need your ridiculous comments. Keep them to yourself, please.

Please don't tell me how to play my game.

I know, I made mistake, but its okay. My coach, who knows the game forwards and backwards will correct me.

Please parents, do not become a helicopter parent. That is the worst possible scenario for me as an athlete. Its not ideal in the real world either. Having you bring me my gatorade, or yelling every play out to me is not teaching me to be tough, it is not teaching me to fight for myself. It is only going to create a routine in which I barely do any work, but have it handed to me. I don't want that. I want to be my own individual, and this starts on the field. I am my own person, and while I may still rely on you for somethings, while I am an athlete I WILL do things for myself. I know where the next play is, I know how drink my own water, and I definitely know how to earn playing time. Do not feel like you provide me with insight on any of those things, because you don't. This may be a harsh reality, but please listen to me when I say you do not want to be a helicopter parent, because that will never go away. I love you mom and dad, but I need to learn to do things on my own, and it all starts during my athletic career. My being an independent athlete teaches me skills and knowledge I will carry on with me to the real world. Do you really want me to learn to rely on others to fight my battles for me? I know no parent wants that for the child, and some may not even know that being a helicopter parents ultimately teaches their child this. Thank you for understanding mom and dad.


Your independent athlete.

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