A Playlist To Help With Writer's Block
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A Playlist To Help With Writer's Block

Music always offers inspiration.

A Playlist To Help With Writer's Block

Many times before, I have been plagued with writer's block. It's happened to me as recent as last week, and each time it does occur, I always turn to music, where I never cease to find inspiration. Usually, slow tempo music is what relaxes me the most and tends to bring all different kinds of ideas to mind, and what I listen to really does dictate if what I'll write is good or not. Here's the playlist I turn to in times of writer's block:

1. The xx- Intro

2. Caspian- Dust and Disquiet

3. Bon Iver- Holocene

4. Angus and Julia Stone- Lonely Hands

5. Cage the Elephant- How Are You True

6. Band of Horses- The Funeral

7. Ben Howard- Oats in the Water

8. Vance Joy- Who Am I

9. Johnnyswim- Heart Beats

10. Coldplay- Talk

11. Citizen Cope- Lifeline

12. Angus and Julia Stone- From The Stalls

13. City and Colour- Sensible Heart

14. Front Porch Step- A Lovely Mess

15. Twenty One Pilots- Slowtown

16. Cage the Elephant- Telescope

17. Of Monsters and Men- Dirty Paws

18. Wiretree- Big Coat

19. Hozier- To Be Alone

20. Down Like Silver- Wolves

21. Ben Harper- She's Only Happy in the Sun

22. Kodaline- High Hopes

23. Aurora- Runaway

24. The xx- Stars

25. James Vincent McMorrow- Wicked Game

26. Oasis- Stop Crying Your Heart Out

27. Elliot Smith- Between the Bars

28. Chet Faker- Gold

29. Arctic Monkeys- 505

30. Real Friends- Sixteen

31. Ben Howard- The Fear

32. Lorde- Buzzcut Season

33. The Lumineers- Stubborn Love

34. Mumford and Sons- White Blank Page

35. Duffy- Warwick Avenue

36. The 1975- Medicine

37. Coldplay- Fix You

38. Andrew Belle- In My Veins

39. Stateless- Bloodstream

40. The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition

41. Benjamin Francis Leftwich- 1904

42. Twenty One Pilots- Oh Miss Believer

43. London Grammar- Wasting My Young Years

44. Elton John- Your Song

45. Florence + The Machine- Cosmic Love

46. Bon Iver- 22

47. Ellie Goulding- Dead in the Water

48. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Otherside

49. Buttons- The Deep End

50. Twenty One Pilots- Before You Start Your Day

51. The Used- Hard to Say

52. The Story So Far- Clairvoyant

53. The Fray- Heartless (Cover)

54. Margot & The Nuclear So And So's- Broadripple Is Burning

55. Mazzy Star- Fade Into You

56. Coldplay- Don't Panic

57. Kaleo- Way Down We Go

58. The Cinematic Orchestra- To Build A Home

59. City and Colour- Comin' Home

60. Cold War Kids- First

Music is something that has always offered me inspiration and comfort. Every time I feel as if I have no more words left in me to write or say, I turn to these songs and the words begin to come to mind, forming sentences then paragraphs, so on and so on. Then, I begin to write again.

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