Why Plants Make Great Pets
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Why Plants Make Great Pets

Plants make great companions for a variety of reasons - here's why.

Why Plants Make Great Pets
Alayna Caricofe

Plants make great pets for a variety of reasons: they are low maintenance, they’re beautiful and functional, and there’s a species for everyone.

Plants are perfect for busy college students or people who are always on the go. They won’t hate you if you accidently forget to feed them for a few days and they definitely won’t hold a grudge. You can leave them home alone for days at a time, and you won’t even need to hire a babysitter. All you need to bring your plant baby to life is a plant pot of your choosing, some dirt, and a seed or clipping! You can take a small clipping from a special someone’s plant and put it in a small cup of water; after a range of a few days to a few weeks, the plant clipping will sprout roots! Once there is visible evidence of a root system growing, it’s okay to go ahead and plant it in soil. It’s fun to watch them grow, and you’ll feel proud of your plant baby the more it prospers. It’s also exciting when your plant goes into bloom, and you’ll feel proud of being able to care for your plant in a way that cultivates growth. You can also manipulate their growth for specific areas in your home by gently moving branches or stems into the position you want them.

Plants are great for decorating rooms and creating relaxing spaces, and can totally transform a room. They are not only beautiful natural decorations, but they are functional as well! You could raise an aloe plant for soothing burns, a mint plant for some tasty leaves, or some English ivy to filter the air in your space. It takes no time at all to research your plant and discover its specific species and what that species can do. Many plants are useful for a variety of reasons if you can discover what those uses may be. Choosing a plant pot is lots of fun too, and can give your plant even more personality. Your plant will love whatever home you give it, whether it’s a trendy pot from a flea market or an old teakettle. As long as your plant has adequate access to good soil, water, and sunlight it will prosper.

There is an enormous diversity in plants, so you can find a species that just about anyone will find interesting. Insect-eating venus flytraps are super cool for children, flowering plants are great for parents and grandparents, and water-hoarding succulents are great for those of us always on the go. There is a plant to accent just about any style and are great conversation pieces. Plants can boost the mood of any room just by adding some color and life to the space. Caring for them is a great way to see what your care and love can foster, and may indicate that you’re ready to care for a life a little larger than a plant. Many species of plants purify the air around them of toxins - what other pet cleans up after you?!

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