The Best Places to Eat in Gainesville Before You Graduate
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The Ultimate Master List Of Places To Eat In Gainesville Before You Graduate

Better start now.

The Ultimate Master List Of Places To Eat In Gainesville Before You Graduate

Now, my friends and I aren't allowed to say the G-word, but since I'm typing this, I'm not technically saying it out loud. Or else I would have to buy everyone shots. Mama is too broke for that.

Anyways, as I'm sure everyone is aware of by now (even if we don't want to be), graduation is rapidly approaching. And before we get all sad, that's not what this article is about. This is a happy article (yay!) that will hopefully make others happy (yay x 2!) because it is about FOOD!

A couple of weeks ago my friends and I started compiling a master document of all of the restaurants we needed to go to before we left our dearest Gainesvegas. I would love to share it with all of you. Now, this is a combination of places we literally die for and visit on a special occasion (hello, Bangkok Square) and places we still need to try. I left out the places I frequent, because I know I will be visiting them many times before I graduate (hi, MOD Pizza). Hopefully, I can introduce some new places to you and if I missed any, be sure to let me know. This is super important.

1. Bangkok Square

Get the panang curry. Its life changing.

2. Kabab House

I had never had Indian food until one of my friends took me here. Now I'm obsessed.

3. Yummy House

The best place to go to Saturday after a Friday night out. So many dumplings, so much sodium. Really does wonders to your body

4. Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza

Just a good Italian family restaurant. Get the garlic rolls and pizza!

5. Dragonfly

One of the first restaurants I fell in love with in Gainesville. Love the sushi, edamame and dumplings. Can't tell you how many birthday dinners I've been to here.

6. Bagels and Noodles

A true Gainesville classic. Amazing breakfast, even more amazing pho and pad thai.

7. La Tienda

The best Mexican food in Gainesville. Get the enchiladas verdes or the quesadilla. And obviously queso.

8. Satchels Pizza

Probably the best pizza in Gainesville. Really cool, funky atmosphere. Bring cash and get the salad (just trust me) and the biggest pizza possible.

9. Leonardo's Pizza By The Slice

Up there for the best pizza. Plus the rolls. Leonardos has been around forever and its still amazing every time.

10. Big Lou's

While we're here, (now I just want pizza) Big Lou's is another amazing pizza place, but I love it for the wings!

11. The Gelato Company

Every time my sister comes into town, she wants to come here. Its a little hole in the wall but the food is amazing. Get the Great Green salad or the Pollo Panini. Obviously get gelato too.

12. Maple Street Biscuit Company

I know this isn't a Gainesville-native restaurant, but the first time I had it was here so I'm counting it. It's amazing. I get "The Farmer" every time.

Places I Still Need To Try And You Do Too:

Curia on the Drag

If you have any more faves let me know!!!!! I'm on a Gainesville food tour from now until May 4!

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