20 Easy Places To Make New Friends At FGCU
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20 Easy Places To Make New Friends At FGCU

We all know it's hard coming to college and having to start over, but there are so many easy ways to make friends at FGCU! Here are some of the places I've found to do so!

20 Easy Places To Make New Friends At FGCU

Starting over in a place foreign to you is incredibly hard! No friends, don't know the hang spots, and you don't even know where to start looking, but lucky for you I have found 20 easy places to find your forever friends and places for you guys to hang out in the future! Take a look:

1. The Game Room

FGCU / Instagram

What better way to meet friends than through competition or waiting for your turn to play pool? Just go down to your building's game room and ask to join in a game!

2. Out To Eat

fgcucampusdining / Instagram

So many of my friends I have met in Sovi dinning! It's so easy to just ask if you can sit with someone and start chatting or chat while you wait for the next pizza to come up! Another way to quickly bond is to sit by the TV's and talk about whatever show they have on that night.

3. Clubs and Organizations

There are hundreds of different clubs on campus and if there's not one that peaks your interest, you can start your own! One of the easiest ways to get a bunch of friends is to be surrounded by people with similar interests! Automatic way to have something to talk about and you'll have to interact at meetings! It's a win, win situation!

4. The Pool

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We all know once it's done raining for the day that everyone will be out at the pool, so why not just hit someone up while catching some rays? If tanning isn't your thing, challenge someone to a game of water basketball or volleyball! You're bound to make a new friend and lasting fun memories!

5. The Rec Center

campusrecnationfgcu / Instagram

Surprisingly, a great way to meet friends is at the gym! You can get a gym buddy and go to the classes together at the rec! They offer them every day and another way to find people with like interest who are all about the grind!

6. The Massage Chairs in Eagle

One easy conversation starter is how amazing the massage chairs are and then tell them how to turn the heater on too and BAM you got yourself a new friend. You then can proceed to laugh at how weird your voices sound because of how hard the chairs vibrate!

7. Class

Friends that struggle together, stay together! So, actually go to class and force yourself to just talk to the people next to you and you'll meet built in study buddies and struggle buddies!

8. The Water Front

campusrecnationfgcu / Instagram

With the red tide hitting Florida, everyone is using the water front to satisfy their beach addiction! Our school also offers free kayaking, tubing, and boats that you can rent for free! Take advantage of it and plan a beach day with your friends right on campus!

9. Intramural Sports

FGCU offers so many different intramural sports clubs and if you still can't find one you like, start your own team! This is a great way to avoid the freshmen 15 and have fun with your new teammates!

10. The Library

fgculibrary / Instagram

This is a great way to meet not only friends but a study buddy! The library offers study rooms, whiteboards, and has a Starbucks in it! So rent out a study room, grab yourself a coffee, and make a new friend that you can ace that next test with!

11. Eagle's Movie Theater

Eagle hall is one of the newer buildings, so it has the added perk of having a movie theater in it! Rent it out for up to three hours, slide a movie in, and have an amazing movie day with friends from your hall!

12. The Kitchen

fgcuhousing / Instagram

OK, but really, what better friends to make than ones that know how too cook in college? Go make some brownies or cookies and meet the other chefs in there! Cooking can even be super fun if you do it with the right people!

13. Hammocks

fgcuhammockclub / Instagram

This school is so beautiful and full views, so invest in a hammock and lounge around! You see people doing it all around campus, heck, we even have a club dedicated to it, so it's a great conversation piece and a way to make a new bud or two!

14. Parties

No, I'm not talking about the raging college parties we all hear about because, let's face it, you either won't remember that or don't want to remember that. I'm talking about all the holiday parties that are about to come up! Fall is here and winter is right around the corner, so that means there's is going to be so many Halloween and Christmas parties about to pop up! Go out and enjoy yourself and make memories you'll be proud to talk about the next day!

15. The Shuttles

Okay, but what better way to make friends than sitting down next to someone and to just start talking! They're stuck with you until they get to their stop, so it's an easy way to make a new buddy!

16. Sports Games

fgcudirtybirds / Instagram

Go join the Dirty Bird section and cheer on the athletes and you're bound to meet a new friend! The fan club here is super fun, outgoing, and cool as long as you're willing to get hyped!

17. Sorority/Fraternity Events 

fgcuzta / Instagram

Even if you aren't in a sorority or fraternity yourself, you can still enjoy all their events! They hold so many throughout the year and you're bound to find one to enjoy! They want you to enjoy their events, so you're bound to meet a new friend there making sure you're having a good time!

18. School Events

This school puts on so many events, so get out of your dorm and go to some! They are always posted around the halls, school, and all over social media! If you don't think something is going on today, you're wrong! Just check their social media pages or go look around your building and you'll find something to do! Don't be afraid to go alone either! Sometimes it's better that way so you can meet a new group of friends!

19. Your RA's Events

Your RA is required to put on so many events per semester, so get to know your neighbors and make new friends while having fun!

20. Your Hall

We all know that at least one person in your hall puts there Snapchat on a whiteboard outside their door, so why not actually add them and start a conversation! It's a great and easy way to make a new friend, but once you add them, you actually have to do the next step of sending them a message and talking to them! If not, there was no point!

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