6 TV Characters Who Identify As Pansexual
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6 Characters Who Would Punch You In The Face For Being Panphobic

Panphobia in 2019? YIKES.

6 Characters Who Would Punch You In The Face For Being Panphobic

As people are still trying to say bisexuality and pansexuality are the same thing (they're not) and invalidating pansexuality as an actual identity (*cough* the Skam España cast), here are a list of six characters who identify as pansexual and would definitely punch you in the face for trying to erase their identities.

1. Lucifer Morningstar - "Lucifer"


Lucifer Morningstar is the title character on the hit show, "Lucifer." The writers have confirmed on Twitter that he identifies as pansexual, and well, considering he's the devil, I'd say he's pretty powerful.

2. Mazikeen - "Lucifer"


Also from the show "Lucifer," Mazikeen has been confirmed as being pansexual by the actress. I haven't actually seen "Lucifer," but the few clips I have seen show Mazikeen stealing the show, so you definitely don't want to be on her bad side.

3. Sadie Swenson - "Scream Queens"


Sadie Swenson, otherwise known as Chanel #3, has survived thus far on "Scream Queens," and Billie Lourd's portrayal of the character as the confident sorority girl has cemented her status as someone you don't want to mess with.

4. Even Bech Næsheim - "Skam"


Even's sexuality was made clear through the appearance of the badge of the pansexual flag on his outfit in the last episode as well as an Instagram post. The original "Skam" has been remade in several countries such as Italy, France, Germany, and more, and across all of these remakes—excluding Skam España—the character has continued to be portrayed as pansexual. Besides being an inspirational individual across the world, Even has been the first look at positive representation for many through the remakes.

5. Ambrose Spellman - "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"


Ambrose Spellman may be a softie, but he's still a Spellman. He's powerful, and you shouldn't forget it.

6. Josie Saltzman - "Legacies"


Josie Saltzman is the sweetest person alive, but she's also a terrifying witch, and she's certainly capable of putting you in your place.

For the panphobes who continue to insist pansexuality doesn't exist, these are just a few characters that would punch you for daring to invalidate them. Pansexuality is real, it is valid, and these characters are the first step in positive representation in television.

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