Netflix has quietly harbored one of the best sitcoms from British television for years now, and it's time that one of its cherished characters adds some inspirational quotes to your day as a college student/stressed out cubicle worker/parent. Richard Ayoade, who plays Moss, has been a sensation in the UK for years since 'The IT Crowd' with shows like 'Travel Man' and 'Gadget Man'. Enjoy this short list of quotes!

1. "I came here to drink milk and kick ass...and I've just finished my milk."


2. Roy: "Moss, do you trust me?" Moss: "No." Roy: "Do you trust me?" Moss: "No." Roy: "Well, if you trust me, then offer to write that speech!" Moss: "I DON'T TRUST YOU!"

Scene from the IT Crowd S03E04 The Speech.

3. Roy: *sings* 'We don't need no education' Moss: "Yes you do. You've just used a double negative."

4. "Did you see that ludicrous display last night?"

Only soccer fans with a Cockney-esque accent can relate....AND I'M AMERICAN!

5. "I'm talking, aren't I?"


Attention-deficient, much?

6. "Would I blow everyone's minds if I ate dessert first?"

7. "Ow. Four! I mean, five! I mean, fire!"

8. "I can see why she's divorced, she's very divorceable. As soon as you meet her you can't wait to take her to court to get rid of her."

9. "Memory IS RAM!"

10. Moss: "What kind of operating system does it use?" Police: "Vista!" Moss: "We're going to die!"

11. "When I was eleven I broke the patio window and my mother sued me...she's always been a very aggressive litigator."

Future advice if you break your mother's patio.

12. "Just promise me won't do anything else with them. I want to go back to being weird. I like being weird. Weird is all I've got. That and my sweet style."

Overall, this list was compiled for both fellow IT Crowd fans and my own personal man-crush for Maurice Moss.