The First Day Of College As An FGCU Freshman
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The First Day Of College As An FGCU Freshman

Here's to the next chapter of life called college, we're living it.

fgcu campus
Hannah Moffitt

It's the night before classes officially start, and if you're anything like me, you are packing your backpack and picking out your outfit the night before just to make sure you don't forget anything (even though you're literally going to be on campus for two hours the next day).

Monday morning rolls around and I woke up around 7 a.m. before my 8:30 a.m. class. I ate breakfast and drank some coffee, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put makeup on, and got dressed. Around 7:50 a.m. I grabbed my backpack and walked out of my dorm room confidently towards the pick up for the shuttle to campus. I snagged the last seat open on the shuttle and enjoyed my ride over to campus while listening to some Quinn xcii. I thought to myself "I totally got this." And then I realized I really didn't know where my first class of the day was.

I frantically pull up a map of campus from Google and matched my building name from my schedule to the name on the map, and walked that direction. Looking back a week later I realize that the map was pretty unnecessary considering that ALL of the buildings containing classrooms at FGCU are located in one specific side of campus and I easily could have just looked at the names on the buildings, but you know, I'm a freshman so give me a break.

I sat outside my class for a solid 15 minutes before actually getting to go inside. Finally went inside and got read the class syllabus and then got dismissed early. I went to my next class and basically repeated the whole processes of pulling up the map and finding the correct building all over again. Luckily, I walk into my second, and last, class of the day and spot an old hometown friend sitting in one of the middle rows. I took the seat next to her and enjoyed the next 40 minutes of syllabus week, day one.

And there you have it! My first day of college completed and I was feeling great about it. I rode the shuttle back to my dorm and hung out for a few hours before having to go to work to start the first day of my new job.

FGCU is a beautiful campus that I am so lucky to call my new home and it is filled with so many lovely people that I can't wait to get to know more. Here's to the next chapter of life called college, we're living it.

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