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No, I don't Do Drugs

Pill Poppin Animal

There are individuals in today’s society who are so quick to judge others, when it comes to our outer appearance. I don’t mean to judge others by what we wear or how we look; which is what some do on a daily basis. I want to discuss how we view each other based on outward appearances. Someone who may look sedated, and because they are walking on the streets they must be drug users. You smell marijuana on these individuals and people immediately draw the conclusion that the person is not using it for medical use and they must be drug users. There are also those individuals that don’t use drugs, but then sell their own prescription drugs to others. Even if these people are not drug dealers, wouldn’t that one-time transaction make others consider them to be a drug dealer, because they are getting money in return? Who’s to blame for society’s connection, and I mean deep connection to prescription pills or drug use. Is it that one time to the hospital, that one friend or family member that says “I’ll sell you my prescription pills for money”, or maybe it’s that doctor who instead of running test says you’re depressed and provides antidepressants to calm you down.

Who’s really to blame?

Recently I hurt my back to where I now have a bulging disk sticking out. I now have to use muscle relaxers and Norco for the pain, and ibuprofen for the inflammation. For someone who is very active and always on the go, I don’t want to be subjected to pills to get me feeling good, and to only end the night feeling worse than when I woke up. Some may think that this is nothing, which I know it is, I had to turn pills down at first. I had to go to the emergency room because my back incident happened over the weekend; the doctor gave me a Tramadol shot, Norco, Valium, and hydrocodone all at once. No wonder why people go to the emergency room, they will give you anything and everything. I will say that I only took the Tramadol shot; I am not big on taking prescription pills at all. Who’s really to blame for society’s love of drugs?

We can’t always know someone’s story, and somehow it’s better to judge than to ask. Not many individuals talk about their medical history or problems, if there really is one. Sometimes people don’t want to talk about their condition because it leaves them to feel left out, useless, or hopeless. Being that some may not really know what’s going on with you, you then are judged by others. You have to cancel on events, or even miss work, and because nobody really knows your condition, they judge you. Trust me, I know that feeling, because when you have to call out for work, or cancel on friends or family, sometimes their response is “Oh” and it’s not the “OMG, what happened, are you going to be okay”. That ‘Oh” means that the person you told truly wants to make sure you’re okay. On the other hand, the ‘Oh” could mean, did this really happen to you, at this time and at this moment, around this holiday or around this event. You know what I am talking about, the ‘Oh” that means “I know your lying, but I hope you feel better”. I know that “Oh” too well in my case.

Does that individual really know how much pain you are in, or the fact that you’re subject to popping so many pills in hope to get better because you hate being judged by others. What about the fact that you are constantly getting asked the famous question, “are you okay?” Deep down, you probably want to scream and cry out as to how much pain you are in, but because you may not want to sound too dramatic, you smile and say “Yes.” Then you encounter individuals you haven’t seen in awhile and they are constantly telling you how different you seem, more energized or alert, and you look at them with the “I pop pills all day long to take away my pain, which make me seem happy when in reality I am in pain”. It is no wonder some of us in society are messed up, it’s because at one point someone thought that maybe you were lying and instead of giving you the attention or comfort that you need, you are subjected to pills to make you feel better, and later down the line this will mess you up psychologically.

This article is not to take away from those who enjoy the high that that they receive from drugs; but then again who’s to blame for their use, because even though it may have been their choice, at one point they were confronted with the idea from someone or something else. I am talking about those individuals who hurt on a daily basis and who are burdened with the necessity to take prescription pills. I am discussing those individuals who were active and now feel like something in their life is gone or changed. Please know that as everyone is telling you that you have to take it easy now, don’t let the pills consume your life, and from living it to the fullest. I write this article because in the one week I’ve been confined to rest and take pills for my bulging disk, I’ve learned that while people have pity on you the invites stop coming and sooner or later your text or phone calls become shorter. In the midst of your pain all that is left of life can sometimes be the relief from pills and the thoughts of how your life became this way. You think about what you used to do and what you cannot do now; but don’t worry because there is a modification to still enjoying life. Stay strong and maybe write a blog you always wanted to write, read those books you always wanted, or watch those movies you wanted, because now you have the time to relax and do all the things that you have been putting off.

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