Ladies, how many times have you gone on a cute date with your boyfriend, something that you've spent all week looking forward to? Maybe you guys go out to dinner and you got all dolled-up or you guys spent the day apple picking or exploring the city and all you want is an adorable picture of the two of you. Something like those pictures you find on so many 'cute-couple' feeds.

How cute, right? I want that. Except that every time I go to raise my phone and say, "Come on, let's take a picture!", I get the biggest groan and instead of a cute smile I get a stuck out tongue or a hand to the camera. Gosh, I don't have any pictures of those.

Or even better, if you ask one of your friends to take a picture of you guys, he complains or tries to walk away or makes a weird face in the photo or just doesn't smile at all and you get a picture that looks like you're happily holding your guy prisoner.

I probably have a whole album full of prisoner photos and weird faces. Some can be funny, but you know I'm just looking for a nice smile.

Boyfriends know how much we like pictures together. I rotate them out for the backgrounds and lock screens, print out my favorites to hang in my dorm and constantly scroll through old pictures to remember all the fun things we did.

So, boys, what is it? What is it about photos that nine times out of ten you go from smiling to straight-faced and grumpy? Because I would really love to know why you hate taking pictures so much, and I'm sure all my friends in relationships would love to know too. There are so many times that we end up talking about how our boyfriends just won't take a picture and we can't understand why. Even when we're doing something that they enjoy, like ice skating or attending a sports game or eating ... still nothing. So much time could be saved if you held that smile for the thirty seconds it takes to press the camera button instead of having to take twenty different ones hoping that you'll change your face.

So please, next time, just smile? Or someone please tell me what it is with boyfriends and cute pictures because I'm really dying to know.