10 Things To Do When You Need A Pick-Me-Up

If you are ever feeling down, or just not yourself, these things might help you feel a little better. It is so important to take care of yourself, to make sure you are doing OK. And if you aren't, take some time to make yourself feel better. Self-care is so important, you come before anything.

1. Make a nail appointment.

If you have a little bit of extra cash around, splurge on a mani-pedi. If you're a college student most nail salons around your campus offer discounts.

2. Get a massage!

These are always good, especially if your feeling stressed. While these can be pricey there are some simple massages that can work within your price point.

3. Take a bath. 

Pop in a bath bomb or some bubble bath, light some candles grab a good book or set up your laptop and watch your favorite show. A relaxing way to unwind and treat yourself to some much-needed downtime.

4. Do a face mask. 

As simple as these are, there are so many different ones out there that aren't that expensive that can do so much for your skin. And it will leave you feeling refreshed.

5. Go shopping!

That shirt you have been eyeing from American Eagle or those shorts from Hollister, go ahead and buy them.

6. Order delivery of your favorite food. 

Get takeout from your favorite restaurant and enjoy yummy food from the comfort of your bed while you watch your favorite TV Show.

7. Get your hair done. 

If you want to color it, color it. If you aren't into changing your hair color maybe just get a blowout or some luxurious curls.

8. Go to the gym!

No matter what you do, if it's just to run or lift weights. A good sweat will make you feel so much better!

9. Clean your room/house. 

A clean space will automatically make you feel better. No matter how messy, if it needs a little tidying up go ahead and do it.

10. Sing and dance!

Play your favorite songs, get up and dance. Sing your heart out, like no one is listening.

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