Oklahoma State University is a school filled with traditions, opinionated students, diverse upbringings, prominent societies and/or organizations, but we all somehow manage to merge together as one united front. Throughout your four years, (maybe five), at Oklahoma State, you meet numerous people who will open your vocabulary to the Oklahoma State culture. Listed below are some of the phrases that only Oklahoma State University attendees know of.

1. Club Lib

"Club Lib” is not your everyday flashy lights, tequila shots, floor shaking music kind of club. Club Lib is an ‘open your textbook’, espresso shots and where we as Oklahoma State students conduct our “all nighters” and procrastination.

2. Preacher Bob

"Preacher Bob” randomly appears on campus to stir commotion and create chaos. Preacher Bob normally stands at the edge of library lawn, and yells accusations towards the university and the students about racism, gender homosexuality, etc.

3. Orange Baggers

"Orange Baggers” are the incoming freshmen touring campus that travel in groups with their parents, and obviously carrying orange bags. They are ridiculed because they are soon to be the newbies on campus.

4. The Strip

"The Strip” is where you can find the best bars in Stillwater, the most intoxicated students in Oklahoma, and the best “dirty curtys” in the nation.

5. Here Comes Bullet

The only phrase that can grasp the attention of all 26,000 students.

6. Afro Duck

"Afro Duck” is a basically what it sounds like, a duck with an afro that waddles around Theta Pond.