15 College Kids Confess The Pettiest Things They've Done In Relationships
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15 College Students Confess The Pettiest Thing They’ve Ever Done When It Comes To Love And Hookups

All is fair in love and war...

15 College Students Confess The Pettiest Thing They’ve Ever Done When It Comes To Love And Hookups

Have your feelings for another person ever caused you to do something out of your character? I know mine have.

Earlier in the year, I started doing workouts at an MMA gym. Occasionally one of the instructors and I flirted a little bit here and there. I was never really into blondes, but I figured it was worth it if I could work my magic and flaunt him off on snapchat to make one of my exes jealous. I noticed another one of the instructors was more obvious about his liking for me so I used that to my advantage too just in case. I even agreed to go on a free trip with both of them to South Carolina at the end of spring break. Long story short, they both caught on to the fact that I was using them and my plan backfired severely.

I wondered if other people also had the same kind of experiences or if I was just crazy so I created a survey, asking college students what the pettiest thing is that they've ever done. Here are 15 of the pettiest responses.

1. Subtweeted their ex

"I subtweet my exes tweets about me." - Female, 21

2. Changed their boyfriend's passcode

"My boyfriend at the time lied about this pool party he was attending so I changed the passcode on his phone so he couldn't get in it." - Female, 22

3. Slept with their ex-boyfriend's best friend

"I fucked my ex-boyfriend's best friend more than I fucked him" - Female, 21

4. Purposely pissed off someone's ex

"I slept with a girl knowing I was the rebound just because I knew it would piss off her ex." - Male, 22

5. Abstained from sex for a whole month

"I got mad that my boyfriend ignored my text so I didn't have sex with him for a whole month." - Female, 21

6. Canceled their date's Uber 

"I glanced at this girls' phone while on a date and she was telling her group chat how she was finessing me for food. So I called an Uber for her once the date was over… and canceled it halfway to her destination." - Male, 23

7. Sent their ex-girlfriend a video of him hooking up with her best friend

"My ex cheated on me so after I dumped her ass, I sent her a video on Snapchat a few weeks later of her best friend giving me a blow job." - Male, 22

Competed with their best-friend over a guy

There was this guy at the bar that both my best friend and I were eyeing the whole night. While my best friend was using the bathroom, the guy came up to me and asked about her. He was more my type than hers so I lied to him and told him that she was already taken and gave him my number instead." - Female, 21

9. Lied about the quality of their sex

"So I had been hooking up with this girl for MONTHS and we had the best sex I've ever had in my life. She ended up ghosting me after a while and always said she didn't have time to hang out because she was busy. It turns out that she was actually interested in a friend of mine. I told my friend that her riding skills were trash and tried to talk him out of being with her." - Male, 21

10. Had their best-friend pretend to be someone they were cheating with

"My ex-girlfriend was being really clingy and annoying for weeks and we had been fighting non-stop to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. One day I was hanging out with my best friend (who I knew my ex didn't like) and noticed that I had 3 missed calls from my ex. I tried to ignore it, but by the 4th call, I picked up the phone and had my best friend answer saying 'Sorry, she can't come to the phone right now. She's busy going down on me.' We broke up the next day." - Female, 23

11. Faked a pregnancy scare

"I felt like he was losing interest in me after a while and I didn't want him to break things off because I was so dependent on the relationship. I ended up having a fake pregnancy scare." - Female, 23

12. Broke their boyfriend's PS4 controller

"My boyfriend wasn't giving me enough attention and kept playing Fortnite for HOURS while I was trying to bond with him so I snatched the PS4 controller out of his hands and threw it against the wall. It broke and he didn't speak to me for three weeks." - Female, 23

13. Slept with someone else's boyfriend and exposed him on Twitter

"I fucked this guy knowing he had a girlfriend and then told her about it and when they didn't break up I posted his dick pic on my Twitter and @'d her." - Female, 20

14. Pretended to date their best friend’s brother 

"I pretended my best friend's brother was my new man, posted pictures of me and him boo'd up at a basketball game and posted them to make my boo jealous." - Female, 21

15. Called their ex-boyfriend's mom and told her that he died

"My ex dumped me so I called his mom and told her that he died. Then I waited a few minutes and said "Just kidding!," hung up the phone, and blocked everybody in his family.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form glorifying these actions. This is just to shed light on the reality of the fact that love and infatuation make us do some manipulative stuff sometimes.

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