10 Easy Steps To Becoming A "Fuckboi"
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10 Easy Steps To Becoming A "Fuckboi"

The quick and easy guide to becoming the guy you've always wanted to be.

10 Easy Steps To Becoming A "Fuckboi"
Christopher Campbell // Unsplash

Are you a college student? Maybe you're about to be in the next year or so. Have you been asking yourself how you can make the most of your time at college? Perhaps the term "fuckboy" has been thrown around in your presence and caught your attention. Well, it's the moment you've been waiting for, the 10 easy steps to becoming a fuckboy are laid out for you right below.

1. Only use Snapchat to have a conversation.

If you're really trying to be a fuckboi, definitely stay away from any normal form of conversation. Texting is a no, talking on the phone is an absolute no and chatting in person is the worst thing you could possibly do. Snapchat is the key to fuckboi success.

Pro Tip: Snap a girl from a party and ask her why she's not there but definitely don't throw her the invite.

2. Ignore them after you hook up.

Hooking up is the ultimate goal to fuckboi success so why would you talk to them after you got what you wanted? Don't be lame, move on to the next one. Oh and never leave a note the morning after.

Pro Tip: Favorite her social media but don't text her or respond to her texts, keep her nice and confused.

3. Tinder needs to be your favorite app.

If you don't have a Tinder stop reading right now and get one. It's the easiest path to the lifestyle you are aspiring to, get on there. Use it to keep your options open and make your game even stronger than it already must be. Get your hookup for the night on there and then hit up her roommate the next day.

Pro Tip: Keep Tinder even when you have a girlfriend, never get too committed.

4. Add them on LinkedIn post hook up.

Because why not.

Pro Tip: Endorse her for communication skills.

5. Pretend you want more when you don't.

Confusion is the key to the fuckboy lifestyle; the more confused you make her, the more she'll want you - it's simple. Make her think you want more by inviting her over during the day or telling your friends about her. It's the little things that they'll pick up on.

Pro Tip: Tell her you don't want a relationship but Instagram with another girl a week later.

6. Lie every chance you get.

Telling the truth is completely against the fuckboy lifestyle. Say you don't have a girlfriend when you do, tell her you like her personality when you don't.

Pro Tip: Lie to your friends about how far you went with a girl because who cares about her reputation.

7. Only hit up someone you're interested in on the weekends.

Don't even think about hitting a girl up throughout the week, that is against the fuckboy code 100 percent. The fuckboy lifestyle exists Monday - Sunday but any talk Monday - Thursday is a direct route to commitment.

Pro Tip: Make sure you're drunk when you hit her up so you can pretend you don't even remember your encounter (you can even "blackout" ask her to be your girlfriend and "forget" the next day to really throw her for a loop).

8. Try your best to hook up with other girls in front of a girl you're into.

Girl you're into shows up to a party? Start flirting with another one immediately. Remember, confusion is key.

Pro Tip: Hook up with your current girl in front of your ex-girl.

9. Sex is the goal.

Sex is the goal and it needs to be handled properly, that means no emotions or romance. It's just sex.

Pro Tip: Fist bump after to congratulate her on a job well done.

10. Make sure everything happens on your terms.

Never do anything just because she wants to, your happiness (& impressing other fuckbois) is the key to success. Ask for nudes but don't send them. Never stay at her place just because it's more convenient for her. Tell her you don't want to be exclusive but get annoyed when she talks to another guy, it's on your terms here.

Pro Tip: Take her to formal (cause you need a date) but never out on an actual date.

Now you have the keys to success, get out there and be the fuckboi you've always wanted to. Best of luck & make your mothers proud.

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