It's cuffing season, and you know what that means: everyone has a significant other. However, if you haven't found that special someone, fear not. All you really need in life is a pet anyways. Let me explain:

1. They’re always down for snuggling

Sure, a significant other can be a great snuggle buddy, but pets will almost never say no. They'll curl up in your blankets, steal your heart and fall asleep right on you.

2. They’ll bark at your enemies

Significant others want to please people. They can get embarrassed if they scream at someone, or face other social consequences. Pet's don't care, they'll let someone who's a threat know they're in charge. Say "hello" to the ultimate bodyguard.

3. They’ll eat whatever you put in front of them

The perfect date! Forget expensive restaurants and picky eaters. Just plop a bowl down beside you, and you and your pet can enjoy a meal together - couch-side.

4. They won’t sass you

Arguments with your significant other are the worst - especially if they start over something small. Pets won't sass you, and therefore, you can forget all the drama. Sure, pets have their moments of testing their boundaries and getting on your nerves, but you'll always forgive them in the end because, well, you love them unconditionally.

5. They’ll love you unconditionally

This is the best part of having a pet. You'll share many years growing together and form an unbreakable bond. The divorce rate in America is over 50 percent. Forget that. It's you and your pet for life. No ifs, ands, or prenups

So with that, forget cuffing season. Embrace cuddling season, because pets are 100 percent better than significant others.