Talk To People As If You're Talking To Your Pet

The best conversations that I have are with my dog, Sparrow.

Although she doesn't answer me back, her eyes say it all and her presence gives me the support that I need to get through whatever is occurring at the present time. I believe everyone has that connection with their pet, whether it be a dog or another animal.

Most of the time, many conflicts begin because of an attitude that someone has, or someone perceives. One of the worst ways of communicating is via text message or any type of social media. If you're having a disagreement with a friend, or a S/O (significant other), these forms of communication allow for your messages to be read with any kind of tone or demeanor.

Personally, it's very hard for my dog to get me upset, and even if I do get upset with her it only lasts for a second. With humans, however, usually, the arguments last a little longer than a second. Even though she can't always understand what I'm saying, I feel as though she understands me a lot better than most people do.

I guess, the same could be said for a lot of pet owners, and their pets.

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