6 Perks Of Working In Boston During The Summer

6 Perks Of Working In Boston During The Summer

It's wicked awesome.


1. The views are spectacular.

The atmosphere and the views in Boston are like no other. There is no better way to start and end the day than by taking in all of your surroundings during your walk between the train and the office. Working in the Seaport this summer, I get the greatest views of the seaport, both in the morning and in the late afternoon, and I never want my five-minute walk to end. Walking through the city and gazing at the beautiful Boston skyline will always be one of my absolute favorite things about working in Beantown. And more often than not, you will get the chance to watch the sunset behind this stunning city.

2. Countless happy hour spots.

There is no better way to unwind and destress than by going to happy hour with your coworkers and enjoying that well-deserved post-work drink. From boujee rooftop decks, to dive bars, to a nice place right on the water, wherever your happy hour destination might be, the atmosphere is always bound to be a fun and great way to take your mind off of work for a few hours. Some of my all-time favorites include The Daily Catch, which is always filled with young and socialized workers, as well as the Lookout Rooftop and Bar at the Envoy Hotel, which provides patrons with the chance to sip on their craft cocktails while enjoying the picturesque view of the Boston skyline.

3. Easy to get to Fenway Park.

After a long day of work, there is nothing better than heading over to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play. It is extremely simple to hop on the commuter rail or the subway right from the city and head right over. Order yourself a Fenway frank, order a drink, and enjoy the upbeat atmosphere that is Fenway Park. It's always a quick ride and the best way to reward yourself for completing a day full of hard work and grind.

4. Boston has the most tasty lunch spots.

No matter where your office is located, there are bound to be countless lunch spots that never fail to satisfy that mid-day hunger. From food trucks, to quick takeout joints, to fun sit down restaurants, your hour lunch break is bound to be a great one wherever you decide to go in Boston.

5. There are so many places to work outside.

If you ever need a break from the office and need to get some fresh air, Boston is the perfect city to get work done while spending some time outdoors. There are endless outdoor spots for you to sit back and enjoy a nice Summer day, all the while still getting your work done. After being locked up in the office for a few hours, working right along the Boston Harbor is the perfect change of scenery to push through the rest of the work day. It's summertime, there is no need to stay indoors all the time. With all of these outdoor areas, take advantage!

6. Boston is full of endless opportunities.

Wherever you are working in Boston, you never know who you might meet and what opportunities you may come across. This city is filled with successful individuals who you can learn from and who you can gain experience through. Open up your eyes and you never know what you might find in this city.

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Mara Gordon

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If You Give A Girl A Little Brother

You've given her the world.

I remember back to my childhood, standing at the top of the steps yelling down to my parents "Why did you decide to have another child?" I remember riding in the backseat yelling "Mom, was I not good enough for you?" as my brother threw snow at me .

I remember crying when my mom made us share our first cell phone. I remember playing in a pool at a waterpark, and my dad couldn't play with me because my brother couldn't swim and needed my dad to be with him. I played by myself, thinking "They must have not wanted a girl when they only pay attention to him."

But now, at almost 22, I realized that the best gift God has ever given me was my little brother.

Give a girl a little brother, and you give her a pain in her ass.

Oh, he'll be annoying. He'll get in the shower just because you said you were going to. He'll start talking every time you do. He'll pull stupid pranks, he'll make you listen to bogus music, he'll make you watch stupid tv shows, he'll smell up the bathroom (and probably smell himself.) and boy, I promise there will be day's you will resent him. But he's just training for living with your husband one day.

Give a girl a little brother, and you give her a role.

As a big sister, I had somebody copying all my moves. If I did something, so did he. If I didn't eat something, neither did he. If I didn't like somebody neither did he. He was like a little shadow that did everything I did, so I was always motivated to make good choices and make him proud of me.

Give a girl a little brother, and you give her a rough side.

I wouldn't have done half the things I did if it wasn't for him. Play basketball in the drive way, spend hours on our bikes, spend the summer days in the pool, or down at the park. I wouldn't have learned that it's okay to get in the dirt and have some fun. I wouldn't have played half the made up, imaginary games we played every day. I wouldn't have played with Hot Wheels, or Lincoln Logs, or Leggo's. I would have played with Barbies by myself all day long, and what's the fun in that?

Give a girl a little brother, and you give her the best friend she'll ever have.

In the end, when our parent's both pass away, I won't be alone, because I will have my little brother. When the world gets tough, and everyone turns away from me, he will always be there. No matter where he end's up in life, I know he will drop everything and come running when I'm in need.

For Christmas this year, I bought my brother his first tattoo. We got matching tattoo's on our sides. Our lives our different now, because we're grown up and live on opposite sides of the state. But no matter where we go in life, if we look up, we will be looking at the same sun and moon. We are made up of the same matter, 'made' by the same people, and love each other more than I think we'd like to admit.

Alex is my true other-half.

Give a girl a little brother, and you made her whole.

Cover Image Credit: Abby Engel

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To Businesses Offering Discounts To First Responders, You Are Forgetting The First First Responders

I am a First, First Responder.


I have a really cool job. Whenever I tell anyone about my job, they want to know the details. They ask about the crazy calls I get, and how I can do it. People, in general, recognize that my job is hard. Whenever someone comes to my workplace to see how it's done, they leave usually saying, I could never do that.

It's true, not everyone can do my job. I am a dispatcher. For over seven years I have answered the call of 9-1-1 and assisted deputies on the radio. Daytime, nighttime, holidays and birthdays, I have spent attached to a desk.

Federally, I am considered nothing more than a secretary. I have nothing against secretaries or the work they do. I have done secretarial and administrative work before. Therefore, I can speak with experience when I say, the two jobs are nothing alike. The level of stress that comes along with being a dispatcher is life-altering. Studies have found it to be the same level of stress as those in the field and can cause PTSD.

The real kicker is that all those hours I put in, all those overnights, holidays and overtime shifts, are not recognized by companies who recognize first responders. Police Officers, Deputies, Fire Fighters, EMS responders, they are all seen as first responders. They are physically the first ones on the scene, that is true. Before they get there, someone has to answer the call. There is a voice on the line with the terrified, scared or hurting person until that first person arrives on the scene. That is what dispatchers do.

Dispatchers are more than a customer service line, we are there when people face the most terrifying moments of their lives. I have been on the phone with countless numbers of people when they have realized their loved one is not going to wake up. The calls from terrified parents when they don't know where their child has gotten off to. The person who is in a domestic situation and isn't sure if the right thing to do is to call the cops. I have been there for each one of them. I send my deputies, and then I pick up another line. The phone doesn't stop ringing, and after making sure someone gets to the family whose dad didn't wake up, I talk to someone who wants to report a loud car driving by.

Tell me that I am not a first responder when everything that happens goes through me and my crew. You can't. I respect each one of my guys out on the field for what they have to physically see. I have seen and imagined more than any of them on one shift. I paint a picture, for them to respond to, based on what the caller tells me. I see it, the pain, the suffering, the hurt, I imagine it all. In the end, I don't find out what happens, and I pick up another phone line.

It breaks my heart that dispatchers are not recognized as emergency personnel. It's not about the discount, it's about the respect. We are never seen, but ever constant, holding the Thin Gold Line. We are the First, First responders, don't forget us.

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