6 Perks Of Working In Boston During The Summer

6 Perks Of Working In Boston During The Summer

It's wicked awesome.


1. The views are spectacular.

The atmosphere and the views in Boston are like no other. There is no better way to start and end the day than by taking in all of your surroundings during your walk between the train and the office. Working in the Seaport this summer, I get the greatest views of the seaport, both in the morning and in the late afternoon, and I never want my five-minute walk to end. Walking through the city and gazing at the beautiful Boston skyline will always be one of my absolute favorite things about working in Beantown. And more often than not, you will get the chance to watch the sunset behind this stunning city.

2. Countless happy hour spots.

There is no better way to unwind and destress than by going to happy hour with your coworkers and enjoying that well-deserved post-work drink. From boujee rooftop decks, to dive bars, to a nice place right on the water, wherever your happy hour destination might be, the atmosphere is always bound to be a fun and great way to take your mind off of work for a few hours. Some of my all-time favorites include The Daily Catch, which is always filled with young and socialized workers, as well as the Lookout Rooftop and Bar at the Envoy Hotel, which provides patrons with the chance to sip on their craft cocktails while enjoying the picturesque view of the Boston skyline.

3. Easy to get to Fenway Park.

After a long day of work, there is nothing better than heading over to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play. It is extremely simple to hop on the commuter rail or the subway right from the city and head right over. Order yourself a Fenway frank, order a drink, and enjoy the upbeat atmosphere that is Fenway Park. It's always a quick ride and the best way to reward yourself for completing a day full of hard work and grind.

4. Boston has the most tasty lunch spots.

No matter where your office is located, there are bound to be countless lunch spots that never fail to satisfy that mid-day hunger. From food trucks, to quick takeout joints, to fun sit down restaurants, your hour lunch break is bound to be a great one wherever you decide to go in Boston.

5. There are so many places to work outside.

If you ever need a break from the office and need to get some fresh air, Boston is the perfect city to get work done while spending some time outdoors. There are endless outdoor spots for you to sit back and enjoy a nice Summer day, all the while still getting your work done. After being locked up in the office for a few hours, working right along the Boston Harbor is the perfect change of scenery to push through the rest of the work day. It's summertime, there is no need to stay indoors all the time. With all of these outdoor areas, take advantage!

6. Boston is full of endless opportunities.

Wherever you are working in Boston, you never know who you might meet and what opportunities you may come across. This city is filled with successful individuals who you can learn from and who you can gain experience through. Open up your eyes and you never know what you might find in this city.

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10 Things You Know To Be True If You Live in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

"Take the B", they said.

For anyone that is currently living in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and or has lived there, you know it's an *interesting* experience. From the various food joints, to the movie theater, everyone's love/hate relationship with Crazy George, Emmons Avenue, the B/Q trains, the new apartment complex that some people love and others completely despise, and everything in-between, there's no other neighborhood that's just like Sheepshead. You know you're from Sheepshead when:

1. You've either spotted Crazy George somewhere out on the streets or in a random location (usually in Dunkin' Donuts).

Don't get me wrong — it's not funny that he appears to have problems, but it's also not ideal that he goes into various stores harassing the workers. He's a one of a kind human being and I do wish the best for him and/or that he does get some help.

2. When it comes to Brennan and Carr and Roll n Roaster, you either love one of them much more than the other.

As much as I love Brennan and Carr's Gargiulo burger, I'm more of a Roll n Roaster person. Their personal pizza is nice and their fries are to die for -- and yes, I want cheese on that, please.

3. You either love or hate that new apartment complex that's in the works.

You know, this one at 1501 Voorhies Ave.

4. You've become used to the B and Q trains either being delayed, messed up, crowded, and or nonexistent.

"Take the B they said. It's express they said." If I told you how many times the B has gone local, out of service, and or on fire in Brooklyn, then maybe you'd hate it just as much as I do at times. Don't even get me started about how crowded it is - especially during rush hour.

"What about the Q train?" The Q's not much better. It has its times where it goes express in Brooklyn as opposed to local, which doesn't help if you're getting on/off at Neck Road or Avenue U.

5. You either go to UA Sheepshead, another movie theater or don't even bother with movie theaters.

Although going to UA Sheepshead is convenient, their prices are very special for just an average movie theater.

6. You either stick to shopping and dining along Sheepshead Bay Road and or Emmons Avenue or go elsewhere either in the neighborhood, other neighborhoods, or to the city.

While they're both convenient parts of Sheepshead Bay, there are other parts of the neighborhood to go to, such as Nostrand Ave. Sometimes, it's easier to flock to other parts of Brooklyn, but there are times where going to the city is worth the commute.

7. You either shop at Cherry Hill or avoid it completely.

While there are other supermarkets in the neighborhood, Cherry Hill is the only one on Emmons that is open 24/7. Their prices might be high for the neighborhood, but their prices could be much worse.

8. You remember when Sheepshead Bay High School was one school...

...and not an educational complex.

9. You're still low-key bothered about how the neighborhood recovered after Sandy.

I'm not going to say that it was the same after the hurricane. Although it didn't take the longest time to recover, that doesn't mean that damage wasn't done.

10. But regardless of how you may feel, by the end of the day, you're probably still super in love with the neighborhood.

It's an incredibly unique neighborhood. You can take someone out of Sheepshead but you can't take the Sheepshead out of someone.

Cover Image Credit: Curbed NY

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I Know Working On A Holiday Sucks, I Don't Need Customers To Tell Me Too

I don't need customers to tell me that it sucks to work on a holiday, I know already.


It's Thanksgiving Day. Everyone is home and enjoying the company of their family and good food. Everyone's talking about possible Christmas plans when they're going to put up their tree (if they haven't already), and just enjoying the holiday season. Everyone except for you. Because you work in retail and the store is open every single day of the year except Christmas Day.

You're at work, trying your hardest to not be spiteful. You stand at the register and try to be thankful that you have a job and a family that is missing you. After all, it is a day that celebrates thankfulness. You stand there and think about how you'll get to see them all Saturday (not tomorrow, because tomorrow is Black Friday and you're scheduled to work a 10-hour shift.)

You're doing a pretty good job of keeping your spirits up until a well-meaning customer approaches the register and says, "It must suck that you work on Thanksgiving, huh?"

Let's just pause for a second and really focus. If you don't get anything else out of this article, please remember this: DO NOT DISCUSS THE FACT THAT I AM WORKING ON A HOLIDAY WHEN YOU WALK UP TO MY REGISTER. Customers say things like this in an attempt to express sympathy but guess what? Retail workers don't want your sympathy.

We want you to go home. Stop shopping on holidays. Customers often don't realize that the only reason stores are open on Thanksgiving Day is because there is a demand for them to be open. If everyone would stop shopping on holidays then the store would close because there wouldn't enough profit to justify it.

And don't tell me that I need to take the day off. Time off requests aren't always approved and when everybody wants the same day off, your odds of getting that day off go down. The store I work for put a freeze on time off requests for the day before Thanksgiving through Black Friday at the end of October because too many people were requesting off. OCTOBER.

On top of that issue, younger retail employees are often given the short of the stick when it comes to shifts anyway. We usually end up working weekends and night shifts because that's what no one else wants to work. We also tend to get the shifts on Holidays because all the "true adults" want to go home and be with their family. And quite frankly, they're the ones who make the schedules so why would they make themselves work on a holiday if they don't have to.

And don't talk to me about Holiday pay. I don't care. It's not about how much money I'd make. It's about the fact that I am stuck working on Thanksgiving Day and have to listen to people talk about how it sucks that I'm working on Thanksgiving Day when it's their fault that the store is even open.

This Holiday season do all the retail workers a favor, stay home on holidays. Don't go shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve. Go on Black Friday instead. Or the day after that. Or shop Cyber Monday deals online. The sales are pretty much the same anyway. But if you do shop, please, for the love of Holiday Spirit, don't mention the fact that people are working on a holiday.

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