Waking up in the morning and seeing the temperature is 7 but feels like -9 is never a good way to start the day. This act usually comes with feelings of despair, negativity, and the chills. Instead of accepting this negative connotation of the coldness, here are four things about winter that can actually be super fun and great!

1. Excuse to stay in bed

When you wake up and see the frigid temperatures, your first thought might be to get out of bed, and put together a warm outfit. Instead of this, you should probably just stay in bed, and avoid all commitments you have for the day. Although this may derail your studies or effectiveness, what would you rather do? Go face the frosty outdoors or stay in your cozy, warm bed, and spend all day binge-watching Netflix. I think the choice is obvious.

2. Snow

White, powdered, fluffy snow covers your car, clothes, and walk to class. You may slip, fall, or be unable to see. Instead of taking this pessimistic outlook, think about it like this, you are basically inside of a snow globe. This is legit your childhood dreams coming true! Congrats! Take in the beauty, some people go their whole lives without being assaulted by the white frost that falls from the sky.

3. Warm clothes

When picking which hat, scarf, or gloves to wear, instead of thinking how cold your about to be, think about how cute and warm you look! Winter accessories are the best way to add some personality and fun to any outfit, while also keeping you toasty in the frigid temperatures! Consider adding a furry pair of socks, they add some fun, while also keeping your feet from turning blue!

4. Hot cocoa

What’s the perfect way to get warmed up? Drinking hot coco! This delicious beverage serves two purposes, one, to get your body temperature to a normal level, and two, a delicious snack! This beverage shines during the winter, and you will definitely miss it on those hot summer days. Take advantage of this delicious drink while you still can!