Perks of Going To A Liberal Arts College

Going to a liberal arts college is like living in a small, close knit community. While attending a small university, there are also so many benefits you can receive that may not be as accessible if you lived on a larger campus. Here are some of my favorite perks of going to a liberal arts school:

1) You really get to know your professors

Going to a small school, especially once you get into your major classes, your classes are quite small and you get to know your professors one-on-one quite easily. Most professors remember your name, your work and lead you through the course based on your specific needs. This connection makes receiving help within the course and networking even after the class is over, much easier.

2) It is really easy to get involved

Though your campus is small there is still a large selection of clubs and organizations on campus, and many that you do not need to be a part of the major to be involved. When I started school I did not think that I would be a part of the Women empowerment group, a theater honor society and a sorority all at the same time. The possibility to continue to pursue your passions outside of your major with many different types of people.

3) You are forced to take classes outside of your major

We all may complain about our iterations and core requirements but because of this set-up, sometimes you allow yourself to explore a new area of study that you may never have thought of before, and these courses may also help someone push themselves out of their comfort zone. You may be a shy, reserved accounting major but when you take that theater course you may realize that once you overcome your nerves, you are a natural on stage. That class may have helped you toward working on your public speaking skills for your major as well, you never know!

4) You are exposed to so many unique people.

Especially on Grand View’s campus, liberal arts colleges introduce many students to a diverse group of individuals that you may have not been familiar with in the past. This connection allows for students to become more comfortable and more informed with cultural differences and stray away from creating a hierarchy or cliques and can create more open-minded individuals.

5) It is easier to obtain leadership roles

Going hand and hand with getting involved on campus, once involved on campus the pool for leadership opportunities is narrower than that of a larger university. Because of this, students have an easier opportunity to receive leadership opportunities on campus which will be helpful when creating a resume and going out into the workforce later on in life.

Overall, going to a liberal arts college may seem like a lot of unnecessary coursework or a place where people continue to act like high schoolers because of the small size. Contrary to that popular belief, attending a liberal arts college is beneficial to thinking critically, becoming more open-minded and creating connections within your education and beyond.

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