And You're Voting For Trump Because...?

And You're Voting For Trump Because...?

Nothing about this man says "president."

Quick question: does it not seem morally wrong, wait let's not even say morally let's just say twisted that Trump supporters are trying to justify why it is okay that he said he can just grab a female by the pussy? I mean no matter what someone else has said, no matter what someone else has done, that does not make it right. That just means more than one person is wrong. But only one of the people wrong is going to be our president. Think people like really put this into perspective. This man says what he wants, he disrespect everyone and anyone. Our country runs on foreign affairs where you must have tact, poise, and a professional demeanor. No matter how you feel about Hillary, she has shown that she can at least to an extent maintain this. He has not at any point exhibited any of these necessary needs.

Now let's take this argument another way. Since everyone wants to talk about picking poisons including myself. If Hillary gets in office, she is most likely going to fuck up our country. If Trump gets into office he is most likely going to fuck up our country as well as start a race war. Look at the tons of racist, sexist, and misogynistic comments that he has made and stands behind. When you look up pictures of his rallies, he openly has people that are proud bigots with their flags in the air. Argue that he is doing what he needs to get the vote, is that what you want in office? Someone who will sale morality and people down the river to win? Come on people. I'm not saying Hillary is the best choice. Hell, I'm far from believing that. But mark my words. If Trump makes office hell will be a blessing compared to what this country will become. We will have no value as a home. We will have no worth as a people. All other countries realize and know this. Anyone who is choosing to vote for this man is choosing to cause conflict. You can say it's not that you support all of his values; you can say that you are just voting for him because you don't want Hillary in office. But at the end of the day, voting for him is a vote that puts strength and backing behind all of the words that has left his mouth.

For those of you that call me a friend I'm dead serious this vote makes me question that. Because if anyone said half the crap about a generalized group that you fall into, that he has said about people of color, I would be outraged and stand for you like I'm standing for myself. Hillary again is not the ideal choice, but I'd be damned if I or anyone else tries to justify Trump being a better choice. I don't care what you have to say, what statistic you can spit out; the way this man speaks about people that he blatantly sees beneath him is outrageous and don't be mistaken working class America. He gives no shit about you. His professional career has been made from him stepping on people like you. Fool yourself if you want to. But you can't fool me or any other mildly decent person. Be offended, be hurt, feel like I'm attacking you, anyone who reads this because I am. I am attacking you because by you voting for Trump, you are attacking me and anybody else he has DISCRIMINATED against because that's what his words are - discrimination. Trumps stand is that he wants to make America great again. But when was America great? Majority of our history is drenched in blood. Killing, slavery, genocide, bigotry. This is what America has been. Fuck looking at the economy; fuck statistics. It is a fact that by being a black citizen in the United States, this is the best it has been for us. Being killed and gunned down in the streets is the best we have reached. So when someone tells me they want to make America great again I must ask who they are talking about. Who are you making America great for? And yes this is about race I'm making it about race because I am a black man and statistically I could easily be one of those who have been killed. My friends, my family can easily be one of those killed. So at the end of the day it is about race for me. Maybe not for you but that tells me what a friend really is to you.

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