In college, most of my closest friends have recently become involved in greek life. However, I decided to pass on greek this semester. Nothing against greek life but it's just not for me. I want to wish all the people I know that made it into the sorority or fraternity congratulations and I hope that they enjoy their time there.

I think we need to recognize that greek life isn't for everyone. Some of us just can't see ourselves participating in it and that is completely okay. Greek life is a large commitment that you can't be semi into. Your fellow members become your "brothers" or "sisters" and I am not sure about you but I would never want to let my sister down or give her all of my efforts.

When you are in greek life you immerse yourself in it and create amazing bonds with your peers that can last a lifetime. But if you are on the fence about it maybe it just isn't right for you. But don't try to force yourself into to enjoying something that you are not passionate about. Just case all your friends are doing it doesn't mean you have to. Going to college is an opportunity for you to grow and find yourself. So yes get involved but with something you are passionate about and know, you will enjoy.

You have spent your whole life growing and trying to figure out who you are by using college as a platform to do so. This might be through clubs, organizations, Greek life, religion, or a number of other things just find something that is right for you. Don't be afraid to try new things a meet new people. College is an opportunity to get out of your shell and to get out of your comfort zone.