I realized the other day what a huge impact the sun makes. I mean, other than the obvious impact of bringing light to everything, heating the earth, making plants grow, and all of that other really important stuff.

What I mean is, the impact something so simple can have the outlook of my everyday life.

Think of the difference between a cloudy 55-degree-day and a sunny 55-degree-day. It changes everything. The number on the thermometer stays the same, but in one, you’re shivering and tired all day, and in the other, you're bursting with energy and excitement and totally comfortable in short sleeves.

I mean, I can get more work done in a sunny room than a cloudy room, even when it's just down the hallway.

The sun is always there. Sunny days come often. There’s nothing I can do to make the sun appear or be covered by the clouds. It’s simply there for me to enjoy.

So why is it, then, that I waste my time thinking the way to be happy is by my own effort? Or worse, by materialistic things? I think it’s because we just want to complicate things. We love to make life seem harder than it actually is.

I’ve had this pin on my backpack for years now that says “Keep It Simple.” It’s kind of funny how often I’ve looked at that same pin and just ignored it. I’m starting to finally understand what it means now, after all these years later.

Keep it simple, because joy is found in the most simple things. In the sun shining. In taking a deep breath of fresh air. In having long conversations with the Lord. In wearing the same shirt three times a week because it’s your favorite one, so why not?

I think when God created the world, he knew we didn’t need social media, fancy clothes, or any of the things we constantly spend our time chasing after to make us happy. That’s why we created all that stuff later on, not because we need it, but because we thought we wanted it.

The truth is, all we really need is Jesus. He is light and joy and peace and comfort. He gives us the sun to brighten our days and mountains to climb and flowers to smell. He is all we need.

I’ve decided that I can’t buy happiness, and even if I could, I wouldn’t have to because Jesus purchased it for all of us when He died on the cross for our sins. He already paid your debts! So stop complicating everything.

Just live in the sunshine. That’s what it’s there for.