Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

From one Democrat to another.

I’ve always heard of people partaking in this act of kindness and I have even had it done to me one time in a drive-thru, but I have never completed the action for someone else myself. I must admit, I was extremely nervous to do this, for I didn’t know what to expect. Would the person be mad at me? Would they be thankful and nice? Or would they even have a reaction?

I honestly had no idea what to do for this act of kindness because as a college student, I am typically dead broke, therefore, I was scared to do something in a drive-thru because I was too worried the folks behind me would order too much for me to be able to afford and I also would not be able to see their reaction. Thus, I decided to go into Bojangles one morning and stand away from the line a little bit and listen in to what folks might order.

After a few people had passed through, a little elderly lady waked up to the register by herself and order a simple biscuit and coffee. I then quickly jumped to the counter and said, “her order is on me.” At first, she seemed as though she did not know what was happening. She just looked up at me. “Your order is on me,” I said to the lady. She then said, “Well, you don’t have to do that!” “Well I am going to,” I replied. All of a sudden she got the biggest smile on her face and gave me a hug while telling me “thank you, young man.”

She asked my name, told me hers was Kim, then she noticed I was wearing a Hillary Clinton t-shirt. She then says, “Honey, I am a big Hillary fan.” I went on to explain to her that I am the Carson-Newman Democrats president and she informed me that she is a huge Democrat and has been her entire life. I then told her about our big democrat rally we were hosting at Carson-Newman with a state representative and I gave her my card.

I left Bojangles and went on to class thinking I would never see the lady again. Saturday arrived and it was time for our club’s rally and here came Kim walking through the door. I couldn’t believe she came! She walked up to me and hugged me and said she wouldn’t miss it for the world and she then handed me an envelope which ended up being a thank you card and five dollars to pay me back for the meal I bought. Who knew that I would make this great old friend!? You never know what will happen when paying it forward, but it is worth taking the chance.

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I Absolutely LOVE The Abortion Bill Oklahoma Has Passed

"Men controlling women"? Get over yourself.


"A pregnant woman seeking to abort her pregnancy shall be required to provide, in writing, the identity of the father of the fetus to the physician who is to perform or induce the abortion." The bill does include exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and when the mother's life is in danger or cases where the father of the fetus has died (and of course, there has to be proof of his death).

A woman HAS TO PROVIDE CONSENT OF THE FATHER in order to abort her pregnancy and I absolutely love this. People in my hometown and state-wide are obviously upset about this because a decent number of them are "pro-choice." They're claiming that this is just another way for "men to control women" and God forbid that gets in the way of their feminist, pro-choice agenda (and I'll address this unfathomable bullshit in a minute).

If you didn't notice already, I'm pro-life. I 100% agree with the bill, even the exceptions. I may be a pro-life Republican, but I'm also a decent human being. I'm sure pro-choice Democrats are either laughing or disgusted thus far, but let me tell you something.

There are other answers compared to killing something that you, or any other woman helped to create. One specifically is adoption. Before you make the cliche argument "Why would I place a child in such a terrible system when I could spare them the agony of a potentially terrible life?" (OR ANYTHING ALONG THOSE LINES), let me shed light on this.

Think of all the couples that desperately want children but have zero ability to have their own. Think about the families that would do anything to raise a child. While you, or any woman, is/are pregnant, there are plenty of adoption agencies that you can visit. You can look through hundreds-of-thousands of files, searching for an amazing family that you like. From there, you can sit through interviews and meet these families that are so. eager. to have a baby. If anything, think of how saddened and desperate Chandler and Monica were when they found out they couldn't have a baby. Instead of ripping away and literally killing a couple's chance of having a baby, give them yours.

A 9-10 month commitment isn't that big of a deal when you think in terms of granting happiness to someone for a LIFETIME. And considering that it's a felony homicide in Oklahoma now.

When you get an abortion, outside of the exceptions listed above, you're selfish. You're only thinking about yourself and the fact that you don't want to be a mom (and perhaps not financially stable--but we shall revisit the adoption topic). Well guess what? Someone is. Give them that chance. And if you're thinking I'm a hypocrite and wouldn't follow through with adopting a baby like I'm preaching right now, you're wrong. I would 100% adopt.

As for "men controlling women," get over yourself. Feminists rant about gender equality all the time and guess what? Think of how many women kept their babies even though their boyfriends, baby daddies, and maybe even fiances and husbands didn't want one. This is the same thing, but a gender reverse. I can think of many guys that wanted to be dads, but their girlfriends decided otherwise with no remorse for their feelings. If the father wants to keep the baby and be a dad, he deserves to fight for it.

It takes two to make a baby. The fathers of these unborn rays of sunshine deserve rights and, in Oklahoma, they just got it. You ladies want gender equality? You just got it. Quit the double standards. Quit your bitching.

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