Marching Band Letter Best Leader

To The Pride of Paulding Marching Band, I Promise To Be Your Best Servant Leader

You are the priority and I am here to enable you turning your goals into reality.

Dear Band Family,

I love you guys.

I owe my character growth and increased passion to my home away from home. For this, I owe it to all of you to put in ten times more than I was previously able to in our band.

From the hopeful pep talks of Mr. Toft to the playful faces of the freshmen, I want nothing more than happiness and success in our band. I'm determined to face the grit and dedicate my whole being into this upcoming season.

To my leadership team, I promise to work to promote all of our interests, regardless of experience, titles or section. I love how open our communication has been this year and I look forward to working with and supporting each and every one of you.

To my fellow seniors, I promise to make all of us have the best year yet, or for some, the best and only year. I promise to do this by pushing hard and offering myself an an asset to you and the rest of the band.

To my drum majors Courtney and Anelise, I am so proud of you. I aspire to be as selfless and calm and as good of a leader as you two exhibit each day. You guys have been there for the band and for me at every turn, and I thank you for that. I promise to make you proud by striving to better myself and provide avenues for success for our band.

To Luc, one of my officers and my fellow trombone senior: I don't know what I'd do without you. We've been side by side since seventh grade. I think you've come to be a great, driven person and I'm extremely proud to have you in my section and in my leadership squad. I promise to work at least as hard as you do.

To Matt, my second chair and one of my trombone leadership members: you've come so far and there's still more to go. You have done incredible things and you will continue, I'm certain. I promise to be there for you to bring you to higher levels, both in the classroom and on the field.

To Landen, my most enthusiastic and proactive trombone leadership member: thank you for already taking a prominent role in our leadership process. You've generated so many great ideas and have maintained more communication with me now before the season has started than the whole of leadership had last year. I hope to make you as thoroughly impressed with me as I have been with you, as I know from this short time I've known you that you'll be an incredible leader.

To Jacob, my baritone senior and one of my best friends: you've heavily inspired me with your eternally positive and go-getter attitude. You're always the perfect mixture of chill and driven and I aspire to be the same. I know that having you officially in my section is an enormous asset and I hope to likewise do the same for you.

To my section vets Eli and Noah, you're loved and valued members of my section and of the band. Your dedication and efforts do not go unnoticed and I hope to continue to inspire you to push yourselves further.

To my numerous newbies JT, Jason, Amira and Aliyah: thank you for choosing to become a part of our family. I promise I'll start you off on a high note and put you on the path to go up from there. I so look forward to having you in my section.

This past year, I sought to push myself harder in order to work with the section in driving forward. I hope to utilize this even more efficiently and provide myself as the ultimate example and tool for the band.

Thank you for being there. I promise to be there for you.

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