16 Foods That Get Jews Through Passover

One day left of Passover! No need to frown! These Kosher for Passover foods got me flipped turned-upside-down. Find these Passover treats in your local grocery store and clean out their Kosher for Passover aisle some more. Go through Passover in style, be robust with the foods that bring joy to even the longest exodus.

1. Matza Brei

2. Cotton candy

3. Fruit slices

The candy kind.

4. Variations of chicken

Esp. baked chicken ft garlic

5. Grape juice

It's pretty grape #bringontheManischewitz

6. Matza lasagna

7. Matza pizza

8. Chocolate matza

9. White chocolate matza

Chocolate matza’s cousin which actually includes no chocolate and only confectionary sugar and Matza.

10. Chocolate bars

All types work. The mixed chocolate and white chocolate ones are exciting x2!

11. Cold cuts

The classic, Jewish go-to food.

12. Tam Tams

The real MVP when you're tired of eating your Matza in sheet form. 6 corners > 4 corners

13. Kosher for Passover ice cream

14. Those cake/brownie mixes

Marble cake and more, I hear these are especially edible! (I haven't had any because of a delightful potato allergy and these things have potato starch in them; they should come with a warning.)

15. Macaroons

If you're lucky enough to not have a nut allergy.

16. Chicken soup with matza balls


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