How Parents Would React If Their Daughter Brought Home Drake
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16 Things Your Parents Would Say If You Brought Drake Home To Meet Mom And Dad

"He's still Jewish though, right?"

16 Things Your Parents Would Say If You Brought Drake Home To Meet Mom And Dad

There are so many contemporary, well-known couples with a large age gap—Scott Disick and Sophia Richie, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Jay-Z and Beyonce—and now the prominent artist Drake and recent high school graduate, Bella Harris have reportedly been seeing one another for at least a month.

According to sources, the extravagant rapper closed down an entire Italian restaurant for the young model, and here I was, a 19-year-old eating microwaved ramen noodles for dinner.

This got me thinking: What would my parents or those of my peers say if one of us brought Drake home? I can't imagine Drake and his crew driving into my front lawn, shaking my dad's hand, and helping my mom clean up the dinner table.

Some parents are clueless about his existence, while others are fans. But, at large, most guardians would need some time to warm up to the fact that their baby girl is dating not just any rapper, but Drake.

Is he paying your bills?


I mean he has been titled the fourth richest rapper in the world. From "Degrassi" star to a notorious rapper, Drake has made quite a name for himself

You're an idiot, don't trust him


There's been a multitude of cheating scandals that Drake has found himself in. My dad freaked out when I told him I'm dating a pilot, imagine if I told him I'm seeing a rapper?

Become friends or hook up with his bros and find someone better within his crowd


Some mamas just get it.

He didn't condone sexual harassment at his concert, so that's a good sign

That's right! While performing, "Know Yourself," Drake abruptly stopped to threaten a man and his inappropriate behavior at a concert last year: "If you don't stop putting your hands on girls," he continued, "I'm gonna come out there and fuck your ass up."

What happened to Rihanna, J. Lo, Bella Hadid, Nicki Minaj I mean the list goes on and on?


Wasn't Taylor Swift once a rumor, too?

He's still Jewish though, right?


Yes! He went to a Jewish school, got Bar Mitzvahed and everything. #MazelTov

I'm proud


Thanks mom. Thanks dad.

How did you trick him into liking you?


What were you forced to do? Did you blackmail him? Just how?

 A rapper? You couldn't bring home a neurosurgeon?


All you had to do was bring home a doctor or a lawyer.

 I don't care about his fame, money, or're only 18


Parents can't keep their kids young forever, we've all got to grow up.

 He has a kid with a porn star!


In his recently released album, "Scorpion," Drake confirmed his concealed baby daddy status with adult-film star Sophie Brussaux.

 Who is Drake?


There's a whole wide world out there and you're missing all of it! Get with it!

 Did you see that video of him visiting the girl in the hospital?! He's an amazing person!

Drake has a philanthropic past and no matter his stardom, hasn't lost his humble character.

 I keep up with the drama, he seems a little too emotional


There's nothing wrong with some masculine emotion!

 What car does he drive and can he drive a motorcycle? 



 The more I'm researching about him, the less I want you to be with this guy


At least, they know how to use Google.

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