Our Parents Are Not Superheroes, They're Human Too
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Our Parents Are Not Superheroes, They're Human Too

Sometimes, we forget that they are humans too.

Our Parents Are Not Superheroes, They're Human Too

A parent-child relationship has one of the most enduring bonds ever, and when expectations are in the picture, it makes up a complicated recipe. Sometimes, for better or worse.

When a parent sets a certain expectation for the child to fulfill, stress is bound to build up over time. At the same time, it can also be seen as a great source of motivation. For me, I firmly believe an appropriate amount of stress makes the person. However, too much of anything will have its downfall eventually.

At the same time, most children will have their own set of expectations for their parents. It has always been a two-way street in any parent-child relationship. Most parents would not desire their children to commit the same mistakes in their youth, which is precisely the reason why most would flare up once they spot those familiar red signs and do almost everything to keep them safe... even if it means resorting to hurting their feelings.

Some people regard their parents as superheroes in one way or another, and this stems from how much love and respect they have for them and the many sacrifices behind. However, that will never be me.

My parents did their best to provide for the family amidst the adverse situations, and in recent years, I am just glad that their efforts and perseverance have finally paid off. They are responsible parents who have passed down the importance of having a moral compass and good work ethic to me and my sibling.

Despite all these, I would not regard them as heroes.

Personally, the term 'superhero' is like being trapped in your self-imposed illusion, and at times, it can cause us to be disoriented after a period of time. Every child's expectations towards his/her parent differ but what remains constant would be the desire for them to be perfect.

Hence, mistakes are often magnified. When you regard your parent to be perfect, your tolerance towards them committing any form of mistake would be lowered exponentially. This, my friend, is when your ideology of your parents being superheroes can hurt you the most.

Having expectations hurts at times when the actual outcome does not resonate with the one you anticipated. When it comes to familial ties, it is extremely complex because your emotions get in the way. Cutting off toxic family members is essential at times, but removing the rocks of your life because of some mistakes they have made? It is not as easy as it seems.

Recently, I have been thinking about the concept of my parents being superheroes, and as a matter of fact, to each their own. Let go of the meaningless perfection regime.

Instead, love and respect your parents for the flawed and vulnerable human beings they are. If they have been doing so for you all the while, why can't you do the same for them?

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