15 Reasons Why My Parents Are My Heroes.

15 Reasons Why My Parents Are My Heroes.

Where would I be without mom and dad?

Everyone has their ups and downs throughout life. One day you can be having the time of your life and everything is going your way and the next, life decides to throw a curve ball at you and everything seems to go wrong. But, one thing that I have learned over the past 20 years is that parents will be there to support you and to love you, unconditionally, no matter the circumstances. From the time I was a little girl, my parents have always encouraged me to go after my dreams, to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be and reminded me to be grateful for everything that I have. My parents have raised me to be strong and independent, just like them. And they have consistently made me feel safe and loved since day one. I probably don’t remind them enough that I am so thankful for everything that they do for me, and for all of the life lessons they have taught me. My parents are my role models. My heroes. And here are just some of the reasons why.

1. They always know how to brighten my day.

No matter what kind of mood I'm in, my parents will always know how to make me laugh or smile. Whether it is a simple phone call to hear their voices or a good cry and a hug, my parents are my go to when I am having a bad day.

2. They believe in me, when I don’t believe in myself.

If I am stressed out about work or college and I don’t think I can handle life, my parents will be there no matter what, to tell me that everything will be okay. Ever since I was a little girl my parents have always had the faith in me that sometimes isn't so easy to have in myself.

3. They assure me that it's okay to make mistakes.

When they answer the phone to listen to me tell them about my massive fail of the week, or that embarrassing thing I did the other day, you can be sure they always have a story to tell, of their own mistakes they made at my age. They have always ensured me that mistakes are all just a part of growing up, and you will learn valuable life lessons from a lot of them. So, there is no need to be ashamed.

4. If I'm ever in doubt about handy work or cooking, they’ve got my back.

There has been endless phone calls starting with “how long should I cook the chicken for”, “how do I know if it's done?”, “what does this light in my car mean?” and “how do I pay these bills online?” Without fail, mom and dad always have the answer.

5. I know they will never judge me.

They have changed my diapers. They have cleaned up my throw up. They have accepted that bad grade I got on a test. They have seen me cry over the smallest and silliest of things. Yet they never look at me with anything other than acceptance and love.

6. They never fail to remind me, that I am always loved and cared for.

When I thought my heart was broken by a boy or when I felt alone and lost after we moved, my parents were always there to hold me and remind me that they would always be there for me, in good times and in bad.

7. They have taught me right from wrong.

All the times I thought they were the worst in the world for grounding me, for giving me a curfew, for taking away my phone, I see why you guys did it now.

8. They always know what food to have on the table when I come home from college.

Nothing will beat coming home from college, after weeks of busy work, stress, and feeling homesick, than arriving through the door to my parents open arms and the smell of my favorite meal from my mom cooking in kitchen.

9. They have worked their hardest to give me the best life possible.

My parents have made many sacrifices throughout their lives to give my brothers and I the best quality of life we could possibly have. They even moved to the other side of the world! And even though it may not always seem like it, I am so thankful they made the move and I am so thankful for the hard work they put into setting up our new life.

10. They have given up hours on end to drive me here, there and everywhere.

I can't even count the endless nights they stayed up late to pick me up from that party, or that movie, or that friend's house.

11. They have dealt with my terrible teenage years.

The teenage years were rough. I probably said “OMG I HATE YOU” or “OMG YOU'RE SO LAME” once or twice. But through all the hormonal mood swings and the teenage arguments, it only made us grow closer together in the end.

12. They always tell me the truth.

My parents wont sugar coat anything. Even if its something that I don’t want to hear. But I know that they have my best interest at heart when they tell me the things that I need to hear bluntly. And even though I may not want to believe it at the time, chances are they're right.

13. They have given me an awesome taste in music.

Some people don’t agree, but nothing beats 90s alternative rock. Thanks guys.

14. They inspire me each and every day.

I can honestly say that I have never met two people who are stronger, smarter, more caring, more hard working, or more inspiring than my parents. From day one I have been looking up to them as the perfect role models for me. And I know that if I grow up to be half the person that they both are, then I know I'm doing alright.

15. My parents are my best friends.

Not only are they my mom and dad, but they are also two of my best friends in the entire world. I can joke with them, I can laugh with them, I can have fun with them and I love them both as big as the world.

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15 Reasons My Parents' Love Gives Me Hope For The Future

Seeing my parents love and care for one another has taught me so much about how relationships should be and God's love for his children.

1. My dad told my mom on their first date that he knew she was the one and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her (scary or romantic?).

Got engaged 4 months later, and married 4 months after that. The guy was not wasting anytime there people.

2. After 21 years of marriage and 3 kids later, my dad is still obsessed with my mother.

I mean she is almost 50 and still rocking it, but whether she is a hot mess or all dressed up, he is complimenting her and still head over heals. He is always taking her picture; I guarantee you over half of his camera roll is pictures of my mother.

3. They are constantly motivating each other to their fullest potential.

When one is slacking behind, the other picks them up, not leaving one behind.

4. They work out in our basement together and my dad takes my moms classes (she is a yoga and group fitness instructor).

SO they are both fit and killing it.

5. Whenever I go home, there is always packages being delivered, and I’m like mom what is this and she is like oh it is just dad buying me another dress or bathing suit.

After all of these years, he still spoils her.

6. They are so goofy together.

They blame their farts on each other (or my little sister even when she’s not in the room) (farts are very funny in my family, don't judge). Also, we have a mug of my parents kissing on a bike and it is my friends favorite mug to drink out of (you know who you are).

7. They are always putting each other before their self, which results in a constant build-up of positivity and encouragement.

8. My dad writes my mom little love notes on sticky notes and sticks them all over her bathroom mirror. It is adorable.

9. My mom deals with my dad’s impatient-ness in a way I will never be able to comprehend.

They recognize each others faults and don’t discriminate each other for them.

10. Whatever challenges come their way, they always come our better and stronger on the other side, and they have been through a lot.

11. My mom is always putting my siblings and I before herself, and my dad is always pushing her to do things for herself like getting a massage, her nails done, or traveling.

They recognize how much work they each put into our family and love one another that much more because of it.

12. My dad is a pilot; therefore, he travels a lot.

My parents are constantly saying that the time they spend apart from each other just causes them to cherish the time they have together that much more.

13. They persistently say how they fall more and more in love with each other every day.

They say that they are more in love with each other now than they day they got married.

14. Making sacrifices for each other is huge.

This ties in with everything else I have been saying about my parents relationship, but sacrifice is essential in making a relationship successful and they got this down.

15. Recognizing what makes each other happy or upset and acting accordingly.

Knowing how to treat one another to uplift their mood and when to take a set back.

Overall, because I've grown up watching my parents relationship and witnessing how much they love each other, it sets my standards high, it gives me hope for what the future holds. Just seeing my parents love and care for one another has taught me so much about how relationships should be and God's love for his children. I just can't believe it has taken me this long to realize it. In a world where divorce has become so popular, I pray for this kind of love for myself, my siblings, my friends, other couples, and everyone else out there. No matter who you are, you deserve to be loved. God created us to love. Spread that love baby.

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It Has Been Nine Years Now, Daddy

I cannot believe that it has been nine years since you left this earth, Daddy.

Dear Daddy,

I still remember the day that you left us. I was 14-years-old, DJ (David Jr.) was 12, and Amanda had just turned three. I wish your pain was a pulled muscle like you thought it was. I wish that I had more knowledge on heart attacks and blood clots. I wish I could have saved your life.

Not a day goes by where I do not think of you and miss you. I remember you telling me that it was your dream that I do better than what you had done in your life, and, so, I am making sure to live a life that you would have wanted for me. This includes working, getting a degree, and doing the absolute best that I can for as long as I can.

I often wonder if I am making you proud or if I have ever let you down. Being let down comes with being a parent, I think, so, I am sure that I have done it throughout these past nine years.

I am 23-years-old now, Daddy. I married my husband, Jason in 2013, and we had our first baby, Elizabeth, a few days later. Elizabeth Judy Rose Massey (Judy after mom's mom) is four-years-old now, but she will be five on July 19th.

We had our second baby, Jason Alexander Massey on September 13th, 2016 and he is one now. You would have loved them to pieces and I can just imagine how much they would love you, too.

I am nearly finished with my Bachelor's degree, Daddy. I will be graduating next Spring (2019). You will have been gone for ten years by then, Daddy. I am sure that you know already, but I have joined three, yes, THREE, honor societies since starting my journey with SNHU. I have joined The National Society of Leadership & Success, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and The International English Honor Society.

Vampire related books are still my favorite. I remember you buying me each Twilight book every time I finished the previous book in the series. Thank you for that, truly. Gosh, I remember when you went to the mall and came out with a Twilight pillow and blanket set with Edwards face on them for me.

Remember all of your 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' books? Mom ended up giving me all of them and they sit happily on my bookshelf. I have yet to read them, but I will, someday. I wish I could have read them while you were still alive so that we had yet another thing to bond over. I remember watching the TV series with you, but if that is something that I learned from reading 'The Vampire Diaries' is that the books can be 98% different when being compared to the movie(s) or show(s) created to follow the series.

Oh, yeah! I still have the guitar you gave to me before passing away. Sadly, I still do not know how to play, but that will change soon, I hope.

I am sorry that I am all over the place with writing this to you, Daddy, but I just did not know where to start and where to stop. I hope seeing this makes you smile and warms your heart to know that I am doing alright and, hopefully, making your dream for me come true.

I love and miss you always, Daddy.


Your little girl

Cover Image Credit: Rachael Massey

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