What Mom And Dad Forgot To Tell You About Falling In Love

Ah, love. It's the best thing known to exist... well, besides french fries, but that's a story for another time.

I think, as children, everyone dreams of finding that perfect love. That one that consumes you, that sets a fire to your soul, that makes you feel like you could withstand anything. That's all fine and dandy until you realize that love is not as easy as the movies make it seem.

We know this all too well nowadays. We know that love is falling in and out of love. We know that love is having to keep working at loving someone and being in a relationship with them.

What our parents didn't tell us about falling in love, though...

They didn't tell us that falling in love means that the other person is in love with you.

They didn't tell us that falling in love hurts when it's all over.

They didn't tell us that sometimes you never fall out of love with a person even if they're not in love with you.

They didn't tell us that you can love someone your entire life and it never is reciprocated.

As kids, adults want to make the world seem like the best place. We grow up and we learn that the world is cruel and horrible. We look for this love that everyone seeks to help up believe that the world could, once again, be like how it was when we were kids. We yearn for that childhood happiness when nothing was wrong and we think that love can help with that.

Sadly, love can do nothing for the world's cruelness, but it can make us forget about it for a little bit and that is really all that matters once you've found it.

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