I never thought I'd sit back and say those words. To the parent that walked out - Life's been good to me since you've gone. But it's true.

No, in case you're wondering, that parent isn't dead. They're still around somewhere. Living a miserable and angry life. Playing the victim at any opportunity. Telling lies about other people. Telling stories that can't be corroborated and that aren't true. Making up things for years as time goes along. But to the son that they once had? Life sure has been good to me since you're gone.

There is no bullying. There is no intimidating. There is no criticism of everything I do. There are no insulting comments about the life I choose to live. There are no negative comments about the places I go to. There are no derogatory statements about what I choose to do with my life. And there is no abuse. Yes. Abuse. I said it. You can't abuse me anymore. You can't psychologically, emotionally or verbally abuse me. It's over.

Life's been good to me since you're gone.

I hope you're enjoying your life. But chances are, all these years later, you're still lying. You're still making up stories. You're still playing the victim. You're still trying to make people feel sorry for you. You aren't perfect. You never were. You won't ever be. But you were good at abusing everyone around you. Bullying them. Intimidating them. Verbally abusing them. Emotionally and psychologically abusing them. And you still are.

You just can't do it to me anymore.

I have a mother that I can't talk to because I am absolutely certain you abuse her, bully her, intimidate her and make her feel that she's not allowed to talk to her only son. I have a sister that I can finally talk to after years. I'm certain that a lot of things have to do with why we didn't talk. You were most likely one of them. I have a brother that still won't talk to me. And I'm sure why. You've filled everyone's heads with lies. You've told things that weren't true. You made up stories to look like the victim.

And now? I never thought I'd see the day that I"m glad you're gone.

Oh, you're still out there. I"m sure that when the conversation comes up, you take full advantage of lying about what happened, lying about why we don't talk, making up stories to make people feel sorry for you and not even bothering to act like a man and sit down and talk to me. But it's okay. I won't forgive you. Nor will I forget the things you've said and done. But I'll say this - You can't abuse me anymore.

You are that parent that walked out on me. You have no idea what I've done in almost ten years. I have children that won't even talk to you. I have nothing to do with it. You disgust them. They can't stand the way that you talk about me. They can't stand the lies you tell about me. They can't stand the way you act. And they want nothing to do with you. For the record, I have no problems if my kids had a relationship with you. But they know how you are. Who you are. The lies you tell. The way you abuse and mistreat people. And they've grown up to finally realize they don't want you doing that to them either.

It's been a long time. I've finally accepted that you're out there. But you're not coming back. I understand and accept that we won't ever talk again. The next time I see you will most likely be at your funeral (If I'm allowed to attend). And I accept that. I understand that. I wish no bad ill will on you. I wish no harm to you. I won't even say anything negative about you. Even though you're the parent that walked out on me and never looked back.

But here it is - Life's sure been good to me since you're gone.

I wish you well. And I say goodbye. I hope you got what you wanted.