The (Panicky) Stages Of Writing An Article (Last Minute)

Most of the time I have no clue what to write. Sometimes I have an idea I've been working on all week long that I'm super into and super pumped about. Other times, it just doesn't work out as well. And in the latter, this is normally what happens:

1. Checks day/time in comparison to deadline:

And realizes that you didn't meet the deadline or have 20 minutes to meet the deadline...sorry to my editor.

2. *Starts banging away onto the keyboard*

And saying to yourself, "I can do this. 40 words a minute, I got this deadline in the bag. So easy."

3. Then realizing that nothing you have typed makes any sort of sense.

When you realize that you went on an off-topic rant for a solid three-fourths of the article, and the concept and title makes no sense.

4. *Takes snack and social media break to cleanse the brain*

I mean, maybe I'll have a potato chip that looks like Nick Jonas and write about that or maybe something scandalous happened with a celeb and I can get some really good research to use in writing. It's logical.

5. Coming back from the break super pumped and ready to roll something out in thirty minutes.

What do you mean stretched for time? Watch me prove you wrong.

6. "Oh no, I'm doing that ramble thing again..."

7. *Starts googling "blog/article ideas"*

There has to be something out there to inspire me. I mean, come on.

8. When you still have no clue what you are going to do and your editor texts you asking when you'll have the article in by.

I mean a rant-ish article isn't acceptable two weeks in a row, right?

9. Wait, what if I make this my article?

I mean, I have ten minutes, it's worth a shot.

10. *Finds matching gifs to every situation in eight minutes*

Yes, I definitely need one of Spongebob.

11. If you're reading this, it worked.

Leave me some inspiration in the comments for next week!

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