8 Pandemic-Approved Halloween Plans For Couples
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8 Halloween Date Plans For You And Your Boo That Are 100% Pandemic-Approved

Get freaky from home this year.

8 Halloween Date Plans For You And Your Boo That Are 100% Pandemic-Approved

With COVID slowly creeping back up on us, most of us are stuck staying home for this year's Halloween. While the thought of that sucks for many, it doesn't have to — especially if you're locked inside with your partner.

To help you save your 2020 Halloween, I made a list of 8 pandemic-approved ways for you and your boo to spend the night.

1. Have a scary movie marathon

The only thing better than snuggling up next to your partner with a big bowl of popcorn and a scary movie is when it happens on Halloween night.

2. Host a virtual Halloween party with friends

Some people really enjoy the social aspect of Halloween. For those of you who might be missing the parties and the friends, this one's for you. Just set up a zoom call with you and your partners besties, grab some alcohol, put on your Halloween costume (or don't), and enjoy your night as much as COVID will allow.

3. Do a Halloween themed "Target Challenge"

So for this challenge you need to first come up with the categories of gift buying that you and your partner will do. Since it's going to be Halloween themed you could do; something orange, a costume you want to see them in, their favorite candy, something they'd find scary, and a Halloween-inspired treat, or whatever other category you and your partner both think would be fun. I think you'll be surprised with just how much fun this might make your Halloween.

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4. Build a bonfire in your backyard

There's something so spooky about sitting around a fire in the dead of night that makes it the perfect Halloween date-night. Listen to some Creepy Pasta or set up a projector to watch a scary movie. No matter what I think you'll end up in your babes lap in no time which is really how we all want to be spending Halloween night anyways.

5. Buy matching costumes and do a Halloween photoshoot

Let's be honest, we all love forcing our partners to match with us on Halloween mostly just so we can take a cute picture for the gram and luckily, it's a socially distanced approved Halloween date night. Get dressed up in your matching costumes, find a cute place near by to take pictures at/in front of, set a timer and BOOM- you still get your Instagram worthy matching couple costume picture and a unique night with your boo.

6. Find a place with an urban legend near you and go explore

This is for the people who actually like the scariness of Halloween. Search the internet for a local urban legend and go explore the area/do what the urban legend tells you not to do with your partner. What's the worst that can happen?

7. Pick out costumes for each other

You'll probably get your partner something cute and they will probably get you something scandalous or stupid but it's a chance you're just going to have to take. After you exchange costumes you can make up drinks and have your own little Halloween party or you could just take funny pictures of each other to keep for blackmail later. Whichever feels right.

8. Plan a fall-inspired date day

There are so many fun ways you can celebrate Halloween while socially distancing. You can go pick out pumpkins to carve, stop by a corn maze, decorate spooky sweets, or even just sit outside and watch the neighborhood kids trick-or-treat. Make a whole day out of doing fall things that you wouldn't think to do on Halloween day. I bet you'll both enjoy it.

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