Paint The Town Red

As a women, there are many things in life I enjoy having; like wearing leggings without judgement, having boobs (I know they are annoying, but for me having boobs (small boobs) isn't the worst thing in the word), and having many different colors of nail polish. Now, before all of the gender equality people come in, I understand that men can have these things, as well and so can trans men and trans women. Essentially all people can experience these individual things that I have listed.....but, only a natural born woman can have shark week or in more medical terms....a menstrual period.

Getting your period is a blessing and a curse at the same time. First you know that you are not pregnant (which in my case is a lovely reminder, but this may not be the same for everyone) and second this is nature's way of reminding myself and other women why we hate our vagina and uterus. I don't know about any one else, but I don't need to bleed once a month to know that I am a woman.....

From the cramping, constant bleeding from the downstairs apparatus, and the insane hormonal shifts (I can't speak for anyone, but myself), this time of the month is just awful! Why were woman designed to bleed once a month, if not more? Personally, I would have preferred a text message, email, or phone call saying, "Hey Boo, you're not pregnant! Have a fabulous week and you look beautiful!" See, how nice does that sound? No cramping, bleeding, or pain. Just a fabulous you rock message from mother nature! That sounds like a fantastic alternative to what happens now! So, mother nature do me a solid and try the technology side of things and maybe just text us this up coming month? I look forward to the switch. Or, I will go from nice to bitch in ten seconds.

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