8 Overrated Things To Do In Atlanta
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8 Overrated Things To Do In Atlanta

A local's opinion on attractions you just shouldn't waste your time or money on when you visit the ATL.

8 Overrated Things To Do In Atlanta
Lindsy Saranko

We've all been there. You're planning a trip and you want to know what kind of things to do when you get to your destination. You go online and look up fun things to do in that city. You get articles upon articles listing the same attractions and activities over and over again. You narrow down your options and finally decide where to go based on information from multiple websites and articles just like this one. Then the big trip comes, and you end up at the local attractions you spent so much time researching and deciding on, and they're awful. You feel like you've wasted not only your hard-earned vacation money but also your time.

This article is a list of places like that, the places which are overrated and should be avoided.

1. Stone Mountain

You think this one would be fun. Views! History! A workout! None of this makes up for the serious problems this place has. It is a rather strenuous hike, advertised as an easy climb. The park is overly commercialized, and they try to make way too much money off of a hiking trail and a giant mountain of granite. If you enjoy paying exorbitant prices for an hour or two of near-death exercising with inclines so steep you feel as though you might fall off the side of the mountain, this might be the activity for you! Whatever you do, don't look down or behind you

2. Coca Cola Museum

Another overly commercialized, overpriced, cheesy attraction in Atlanta. I get it, we're proud that Coca Cola started here, but most people just aren't excited by lackluster displays and historical walkthroughs accompanied by the stalker vibes from the freakishly tall Coca Cola polar bear character walking around and posing for photos. The only good part is the museum's tasting room, where you can try Coca Cola sodas from every continent! Pro Tip: Try the Beverly from Italy.

3. SkyView Atlanta 

While this attraction isn't bad Per Se, you're really just paying a lot of money for nothing. The SkyView carousel doesn't go very high, so you can't see a ton of the city, it isn't a very long ride, and with the often long lines, you're better off spending your money elsewhere.

4. CNN Center

5. Georgia Aquarium 

I've been to a lot of aquariums in my life, and this one was for sure the most unexciting. I believe that this aquarium could probably make it onto a list of the most overrated attractions in the WORLD, because it is hyped up nationally, not just in Georgia. The aquarium itself just isn't that big for the number of tourists it attracts, which can leads to crowds and a negative experience. The food court is less than mediocre, and the entire experience is extremely overpriced.

6. Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Only a good time if you go during winter, when they have a holiday festival of lights, or if you just really enjoy paying your hard earned money to look at flowers and plants, most of which you can see in parks without paying.

7. Zoo Atlanta 

Honestly, the Atlanta Zoo has the exact same problems as the Aquarium.

8. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta

This is listed as an attraction on Yelp and several websites listing things to do in Atlanta, but unless you are under the age of 9, you will not find this small place built into a struggling mall exciting. Neither will your wallet.

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