Throughout my life, I feel like I had never truly experienced happiness with my body and the way I look. There was always something that could be better. And that something usually had to do with my weight. Looking back even when I was my lightest, I was not happy. And I've realized that this problem wasn't an external one, but instead something wrong within me and my way of thinking.

There were so many times when I had the thought of "if I was skinnier, I would be happier", or if this was different about me, "I would be happier" and honestly, I feel like even if all those changes came true - I would still find something to try to fix.

We are our biggest critics. We notice the things that no one else does and treat ourselves in the worst possible way. If we wouldn't talk to our friends the way we talk to ourselves then there's a big problem within us. We need to treat ourselves with more kindness and compassion.

When I gave my life to Jesus I began to realize a lot of things. One of them was that I was made in the image of God. He created me and made me the way I am.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

And that for me is a reason more than enough to praise Him and be happy with who I am. After all, I am a child of God and just being able to say that simple phrase is priceless. Finding out who I am in the eyes of God and the immeasurable and unconditional love He has for me has given me confidence and love towards who I am.

I'm not going to lie, there are times when I still struggle with this. There are days when nothing fits right or days when I just don't feel good about myself but I just have to remind myself that I am beautiful inside and out and that God made me fearfully and wonderfully made. It's time I change the "ifs" to "thank you's." Instead of saying if this changed then I would be happier, I'm beginning to say thank you God for this body because it is functioning well and it's beautiful because you created it.

I am in a place in my life where instead of just focusing on the number on the scale or the size of my clothes, I'm just trying to treat my body well. And to take care of it with exercise and healthy foods. My perspective has shifted from I have to get down to this number to I want to feel healthy. And I'm happy with who I am and who I'm becoming. I don't go through life sluggishly wishing my appearance would change but instead am able to enjoy life freely, like it's meant to be lived. And I think that has been one of my biggest breakthroughs.

I don't know what you, the reader, are struggling with. Your insecurities and your struggles may be different than mine. But let me tell you one thing. Your insecurities do not define you. Don't let them take the joy out of this great life we get to live. And like I've mentioned a million times in this article; you are wonderfully and fearfully made by the Creator of the universe and that in itself is so beautiful.